General Lab Information

Brookhaven Lab Drinking Water

Brookhaven produces its own drinking water for all employees, facility-users, guests, residents, and visitors on site at its Water Treatment Facility (WTF).

BNL’s drinking water is pumped from groundwater by five active wells and processed at the WTF which can handle up to 6 million gallons per day. The “finished” water is sent to the Lab’s two storage towers and then distributed around the site via 45 miles of pipeline.

To ensure that Brookhaven’s water meets all applicable local, state, and federal water-quality standards, the water is regularly tested using an independent laboratory approved by the New York State Department of Health. The Lab’s potable water is in full compliance with all county, state, and federal regulations for safe drinking water.

Water-Main Flushing

Brookhaven’s water mains are flushed approximately three times a year — spring, summer, and fall — to improve the quality of the water coming from consumer’s taps and drinking water fountains. The hydrant flushing helps to eliminate rusty water and is done in accordance with American Water Works Association recommendations.