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Keeping Your BNL Water Cooler Contamination–Free

Although Brookhaven Lab Water Treatment Facility engineers produce tap water which is in full compliance with all county, state, and federal regulations governing drinking water quality, there are locations around the site that use bottled water. Bottled water is provided either when a building does not have plumbing and cannot economically be connected to BNL’s water-distribution system, or when testing determines that a building’s plumbing system negatively impacts the water’s quality.

So that bottled water user’s around the site can help maintain the quality of their water, BNL’s Safety & Health Services Division (SHSD) has developed recommendations covering onsite water cooler cleanliness and sanitization, and onsite water bottle storage, handling, and installation.

If your BNL water cooler needs to be cleaned, please contact the Facility Operations Call Center at extension 2468.