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NSLS-II Beamlines


Current NSLS-II Beamline Diagram

The National Synchrotron Light Source II will accommodate more than 60 beamlines using 27 straight sections for insertion-device sources and 31 bending-magnet or three-pole-wiggler sources, with additional beamlines possible through canted insertion devices and multiple branches.

Six beamlines were selected in 2008 and are now funded within the NSLS-II project. These project beamlines encompass research programs in inelastic x-ray scattering, hard x-ray nanoprobe, coherent hard x-ray scattering, coherent soft x-ray scattering and polarization, submicron resolution x-ray spectroscopy, and x-ray powder diffraction.

For each beamline, a beamline advisory team, or BAT, has been established to represent the broader scientific community in a specific area of scientific interest. The collective membership for the six advisory teams currently totals more than 50 researchers, covering a broad range of scientific disciplines, including materials and energy research, environmental and earth sciences, and biology.

NSLS-II issued a second call for proposals in February 2011 and plans to do so annually. Beamlines developed in response to these calls, together with the six NSLS-II project beamlines, are expected to provide a significant capacity at the beginning of NSLS-II operations to allow the exploration of the unique scientific opportunities offered by the new facility, as well as support the wide-ranging research programs of the existing NSLS user community.

The NSLS-II User Access Policy outlines the mechanisms by which users will access beam time at NSLS-II.