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International Symposium on Ultrafast Accelerators for Pulse Radiolysis

June 25-28, 2004

Hamilton Seminar Room, Chemistry Building (555), Brookhaven National Laboratory
Thank you.

Thanks to all the participants for making the meeting a success. I thank all the speakers for their highly informative presentations and everyone for participating in lively discussions. It was a pleasure to be your host and to show you what the BNL team as accomplished at the Laser-Electron Accelerator Facility. Please visit us again soon.

Purpose of the meeting

Worldwide, there are eight photocathode-based pulse radiolysis facilities in operation, under construction, or approved for construction and more have been proposed. In addition, there are several Table-Top-Terawatt (T3) radiolysis systems under development. Both of these technologies also have significant numbers of facilities for physics research, however there are several technical and operational issues unique to pulse radiolysis applications that FEL scientists and accelerator physicists do not have to address, or deal with in ways that do not apply well to radiation chemistry.

Several people involved in this area agreed that it would be useful to organize a specialist's conference on ultrafast accelerators for pulse radiolysis, to discuss the common experiences and problems that various groups have and the solutions that have been devised. BNL volunteered to host the first meeting. There could be subsequent meetings as the community deems necessary, perhaps to rotate around the existing facilities.

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