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Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure

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GU Proposal

General User (GU) proposals are for access to both screening and high-end EMs at LBMS. These proposals are peer-reviewed by the LBMS Proposal Review Panel. Each project needs to be completed over the 2-year lifetime of the proposal.

RA Proposal

Rapid Access (RA) proposals are only for rapid access to the LBMS high-end EM for “hot topics” or straightforward experiments with a fast turnaround time. Rapid Access proposals are valid for one LBMS EM time cycle and typically request a very small amount of EM time (e.g. one or two days).

BAG Proposal

Block Allocation Group (BAG) proposals are for a group of PIs to access both screening and high-end EMs at LBMS over the 2-year lifetime. These proposals are peer-reviewed by the LBMS Proposal Review Panel.

Imaging Parameters

When preparing for your microscope time, a completed Imaging Parameter Form must be submitted at least one week prior to the allotted time.

Sample Form

A completed sample form documenting the number of grid boxes and grids, the information of the samples, and the shipment tracking number must be submitted to before sending samples to LBMS.

Dry Shipper Information

To ensure a timely handling of the shipment, please use the shipping address shown in this form, put a copy of the completed form and a FedEx return label inside the dry shipper, and email “FedEx Incoming” tracking numbers to your LBMS contact.

Globus Tutorial

Tutorial for installing the Globus Research Data Management Cloud client on OS X. (Windows and Linux platforms are also supported).