General Lab Information

Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure

Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Laboratory for BioMolecular Structures (LBMS) is responsible for advising the LBMS Director on issues related to the scientific utilization of LBMS facilities and on developments required to achieve and maintain the highest possible scientific productivity.

SAC provides advice on the following topics.

  • Scientific output and utilization of LBMS facilities
  • Long-term scientific directions
  • Planning, development, and operation of LBMS facilities
  • Policies and procedures relevant to user access and utilization of scientific facilities

Members are appointed by the Director for three-year terms, renewable by mutual consent. The Director, in consultation with the chair of the SAC, may call additional SAC meetings as necessary. The output of the SAC will consist of a confidential report of their findings and recommendations conveyed in a written report submitted to the Director shortly after each SAC meeting.

Proposal Review Panel

The LBMS Proposal Review Panel (PRP) is responsible for the scientific merit review of all GU, RA, and BAG proposals. The PRP is a peer-review group composed of scientific peers, external to LBMS, and organized by technique or scientific discipline that cover a broad range of biological sciences. The PRP has a Chair that coordinates the meeting, compiles the reviews, and manages the review submission in the PASS system. PRP membership terms are three years, with the possibility of renewal. The LBMS Proposal Review Panel meets the fourth Thursday in April and October.