Meet the 2018 Brookhaven Award Recipients

Brookhaven Awards are given to recognize key contributors in support functions whose performance and achievements represent outstanding service to the Laboratory. The 2018 Brookhaven Award recipients who were recognized at the Lab's 2018 Employee Awards and VIP Service Celebration on Sept. 21 are:

Barbara Jean 'BJ' Carreras, Budget Office

Barbara Jean 'BJ' Carreras began her career at Brookhaven Lab through a "youth on campus" program in 1976. Today, she is the Laboratory's budget officer, helping manage $640 million of funding and reporting on $630M million of costs, approximately 2,500 employees, and budgets for six major laboratory programs.

Carreras has provided outstanding support during continuing resolution processes, responding to countless budget calls, and ensuring programs at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and Center for Functional Nanomaterials had adequate cash flows for their operations. With her work helping transition to a value-added base accounting model, the Laboratory improved its PEMP score for business systems to an A- rating two years in a row—a first for Brookhaven. With her knowledge of non-federal funding, appropriate contracting mechanisms, and the monthly funding modifications, Carreras was instrumental in coordinating a streamlined approach for strategic partnership projects that enable research at the Lab.

Carreras' "can do" attitude and extraordinary work ethic are deservedly recognized and respected by Lab leaders, colleagues across the site, and the Department of Energy. The Laboratory is fortunate to have Carreras on its team.

Christine Carter, Guest Services Division

Christine Carter first assumed this role 16 years ago, and since then has sustained and grown the programs in her care in an ever-evolving climate. Tenacity and adaptability are two of her best qualities, and she uses them in her effort to support and inspire the Brookhaven Lab community she so clearly loves.

In addition to the many clubs, trips, and athletic programs she supports, Carter introduced the popular English as a Second Language program for the Lab community. She also helped establish the Association of Students and Postdocs, which now hosts the annual Early Career Researcher Symposium every autumn at the Lab.

She's organized all these popular programs among competition for funding and changing employee patterns over the years.

The Quality of Life, Recreation, and Brookhaven Employees Recreation Association programs help to attract top talent to the Lab—and as top talent arrives, these programs help the Laboratory retain them.

Carter is inspiring and tenacious. She cares deeply about Brookhaven Lab and its people, and all the Lab community is better off as a result of her dedication and hard work.

Donald Farnam, Operations Support & Planning Division

Remember. Honor. Teach. These are the words Don Farnam lives by, embracing and inspiring those around him to honor our nation's veterans.

Farnam, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, arrived at the Lab in 1991 and currently works as a construction safety engineer. He leads by example, setting high standards.

In 2007, Farnam was instrumental in forming the Brookhaven Veterans Association, bringing awareness and camaraderie to the many veterans who work at the Lab while also building relationships with external stakeholders, thereby enhancing the Lab's reputation in local communities. He has been extremely involved in the Lab's Wreaths Across America campaign and veteran programs on site and off. He was recently appointed president of the support committee at Calverton National Cemetery.

Farnam was a key organizer for the centennial celebration of Camp Upton in 2017 as well as the Lab's Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies each year.

Farnam's unwavering dedication has earned him recognition from the Lab, his fellow veterans, and the community. He never takes credit for what he does and always thanks those he works with. With this award, the Lab community is honoring him.

Steve Ferrone, Environmental Protection Division

Since 2001, Steve Ferrone has worked to protect the environment at Brookhaven Lab and in the community. By doing so he's also helped to protect the Lab's reputation as a responsible steward of U.S. taxpayer dollars, home to world-leading science, and as a good neighbor. He's done this by applying his expertise as a chemical engineer in the roles of environmental compliance representative; environment, safety & health representative; and subject matter expert for hazardous, industrial, medical waste management, and chemical bulk storage.

Beyond his expertise, what makes Ferrone stand out is his high level of personal responsibility and commitment to his job. He is committed to keeping Brookhaven Lab's people and property safe, clean, and compliant—not only in word but with hands-on support. He takes ownership and gets the job done, preventing problems before they can occur.

Ferrone cares about Brookhaven and BNLers. In addition to his work responsibilities, he's often seen volunteering at science bowls and science fairs, Summer Sundays, and the Lab's Earth Day celebrations.

Gregory Mack, Information Technology Division

Gregory Mack is a leading architect, analyst, and programmer at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He is responsible for automating core enterprise financial processes and transforming these processes into superior integrated computer applications.

Mack's financial applications are complex. He analyzes how new developments may affect ancillary systems. His work increases efficiency significantly, by eliminating redundant work efforts.

The Laboratory's Budgeting and Forecasting module is one of the Lab's most important financial system applications. Mack was its sole developer and he saw this project through 18 months to completion. His updates now provide multi-year budgeting tools and corresponding reports as well.

Mack has also led efforts to develop application modules for purchasing, accounts payable, the general ledger, accounts receivable, inventory, shipping, and receiving. However complex a challenge may be, and however interrelated the systems are, Mack has mastered the ability to produce high-quality, innovative software solutions.

Charles 'Chuck' Schaefer, Radiological Control Division

Chuck Schaefer is a principal environment, safety, and health engineer. He provides practical and highly-skilled technical expertise to find solutions for the Laboratory to address its waste, safety, and radiological challenges. His work and responsibilities span beyond organizational boundaries, reaching across the entire site.

He was instrumental in improving safety for colleagues in the Collider-Accelerator Department by decreasing maximum collective radiation dose per facility. He developed and implemented several "Six Sigma Black Belt" projects that resulted in savings that exceed $120,000 per year. He developed and implemented a manual for safely and responsibly screening and releasing radioactive materials, which also helped the Laboratory avoid costs totaling approximately $745,000. The occupational radiation protection program he developed in 1997 is still in effect—and relevant—for operations today.

Success with accelerator, environmental, safety, and radiological programs requires high levels of coordination, excellent communication skills, detailed planning, and execution. In increasingly demanding roles, Schaefer has long been a top performer and he has long been adept in his ability to make challenging decisions with technical and complex information.

Meet all 470 staff members at Brookhaven Lab recognized during the 2018 Employee Awards and VIP Service Celebration on Sept. 21.

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