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3-D Periodic Table at New York Hall of Science

Brookhaven Lab contributed three elements!

The 3D periodic table on display at the New York hall of Science

Click on the image to download a high-resolution version. The 3-D periodic table on display at the New York hall of Science

The New York Hall of Science unveiled a 3-D version of the periodic table of elements in honor of the International Year of the Periodic Table. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory contributed three elements that are at the center of our historical and ongoing radioisotope research: actinium, arsenic, and technetium.

The display, built by the New York section of the American Chemical Society, runs through Sunday, October 27, and is free with admission to the New York Hall of Science.

3D Periodic Table at New York Hall of ScienceBrookhaven Lab element displays included in the 3-D periodic table, prepared by Cathy Cutler (Ac), Vanessa Sanders (As), and Jasmine Hatcher (Tc). Hover over image to reveal slideshow controls.

Learn more about these elements and Brookhaven’s radioisotope research, which is supported by the DOE Office of Science, at these links:

Our Favorite Elements

Brookhaven Lab has its own interactive periodic table.  See “Our Favorite Elements.” The periodic table's 150th anniversary celebration goes on all year long!

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