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NSLS-II Pair Distribution Function School 2018


The primary objective of the school is to give a hands-on training to participants on PDF data acquisition, reduction, and analysis covering all required steps from measurement to the final model.

Evening Events

Registered participants are invited to attend the three evening dinners, included in their registration.

Dinners will be held on: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (9/17-19). Locations and times to be determined.

Sponsors and/or Co-sponsors


Click on the "Course & BNL Information" tab above to find accommodation information.


  • Milinda Abykoon (BNL)
  • Jianming Bai (BNL)
  • Simon Billinge (Columbia U./BNL)
  • Emil Bozin (BNL)
  • Karena Chapman (SBU)
  • Eric Dooryhee (BNL)
  • Benjamin Frandsen (UC Berkeley)
  • Sanjit Ghose (BNL)
  • Pavol Juhas (BNL)
  • Gihan Kwon (BNL)
  • Daniel Olds (BNL)
  • Katharine Page (SNS/ORNL)
  • Hui Zhong (BNL)

Note: This event falls under Exemption D (Formal classroom training held at Federal facilities, which does not exhibit indicia of a formal conference as outlined in the Conference/Event Exemption Request Form.) Participation is contingent on application acceptance.

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Last Modified: October 29, 2021