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WAO'18: Workshop on Accelerator Operations


The 11th Workshop on Accelerator Operations (WAO) will take place on Long Island in Stony Brook, New York, USA, from September 30 to October 5, 2018. WAO 2018 is hosted by the RHIC and NSLS-II facilities at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The objective of the workshop is to create an open forum for those involved in daily accelerator operation to present, discuss, and exchange ideas with their peers from around the world. Operators from facilities of all sizes gather to collaborate on topics such as accelerator operation, performance, organization, maintenance, documentation, software, control room layout, remote operation, and safety. It also serves the accelerator operations community as a means to establish benchmarks by facilitating comparisons of methods, efficiencies, costs, reliability, beam quality and other performance measures.

The workshop style atmosphere is organized with scheduled talks, a poster session, and discussion periods; along with the opportunity for further discussion at breaks and meals, it allows for interpersonal communications not commonly found at conferences.

Program Topics

  • Adapting to Change
  • Aging Accelerators
  • Beam Diagnostics
  • Designing and Building a Control Room
  • Commissioning new Accelerators
  • Compact Facilities
  • How We Do Business
  • Involving Operators in Accelerator Physics
  • New Technologies
  • Operator Interface to Controls
  • Operator Roles Outside Operations
  • Operator Tools and Software
  • Operator Training Programs
  • Machine Optimization

Local Organizing Committee

  • Greg Marr (Host)
  • Peter Ingrassia
  • Paul Sampson
  • Travis Shrey
  • Lee Hammons
  • Vincent Schoefer
  • Anna Petway (Workshop Coordinator)
  • Emil Zitvogel
  • Nick Franco (IT Admin)
  • Nancy Boyle (Budget Admin)
  • Jim Jamilkowski
  • Reid Smith
  • Tara Shiels (BNL Tours)
  • Christine Meyer
  • Caitlin Hoffman
  • Bryan Callaghan

Workshop Co-hosts

  • Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
  • National Synchrotron Light Source II

International Program Committee

  • Michael Bieler (DESY)
  • Jon Bonofiglio (NSCL)
  • Brian Freeman (JLAB)
  • Kazuro Furukawa (KEK)
  • Rossano Giachino (CERN)
  • Laurent Hardy (ESRF)
  • Glen Johns (SNS)
  • Dan Johnson (FNAL)
  • Gregory Marr (BNL)
  • Montse Pont (ALBA)
  • Petra Schuett (GSI)
  • Peter Schuh (SLAC)
  • Yoshiyuki Iwata (NIRS)
  • Violeta Toma (TRIUMF)
  • Jun Xing (IHEP)
  • Wenzhi Zhang (SINAP)


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Important Dates

Mar 15, 2018 Registration Opens
Jun 1, 2018 Early Registration Ends
Sep 7, 2018 General Registration Ends
Mar 19, 2018 Abstract Submission Begins
Aug 20, 2018 Abstract Submission Ends
Aug 31, 2018 Notification of acceptance for Abstracts

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Dimtel Advantech Corporation sponsors

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