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Planned for Fall 2022

The 2022 Wood Heater Slam is an opportunity for teams to pitch innovative wood stove ideas to retailers, the public and panels of experts, who will assess whose stove is the most innovative and has the most market potential. Teams who get the most points are eligible for funding to move forward to the competition stage of the 5th Wood Heater Design Challenge. The Slam will be held virtually via Zoom on Sept. 29, 2022.

Teams will have 8 minutes to pitch their heaters and they can use slides, short videos or any other props they choose. The expert panel can ask questions for up to 10 minutes. Three prizes will be awarded at the Slam: 1. audience award, open to anyone who watches the Slam; 2. a retailer award, based on a panel of more than 30 stove retailers; and 3. the Stove Design Challenge award given by a panel of experts in engineering, combustion science, business, manufacturing and emission testing.

After testing at Brookhaven National Lab, judges will award one of more stoves with recognition in various categories. A PR team will undertake a campaign to provide exposure to winner or winners and the winning stove(s) will be showcased at various events.

Wood Heater Slam: Short Form Application - This short form application is due on June 15, 2022 and teams will be notified by July 1, 2022 if they are invited to proceed to the full application stage. This step is designed to screen concepts so that teams don't have to undergo a longer application if the concept does not fit this event

Begin Application


  • The Slam will be held on Thursday, Sept. 29th, 10:00 - noon
  • Short form application due by June 15. Click here for the short form application.
  • Teams notified if they are invited to submit full application on July 1
  • Full applications to participate in the Slam are due by Aug. 1.
  • Applicants will be notified if they will participate in the Slam on Aug. 15

Who can apply

The Slam is open to any individual, company, department, non-profit who has an innovative wood heater design. The only restriction is that foreign entities must have a US partner or affiliate in order to receive DOE funding. Or, teams can compete to be in the Slam, and choose not to participate in the subsequent testing phase.

Eligible technologies

The Slam is open to residential wood and pellet heaters designed to be installed in the living area of a home. Large boilers or furnaces designed for basements are not eligible. Stand-alone retrofits are not eligible. However, an ESP manufacturer, for example, can submit a stove if the ESP is integrated or attached to the stove. Innovative stoves that are already on the market are eligible unless the innovation is already widespread.

How teams will be judged

At the Slam and later at Brookhaven Lab, judging criteria will include: 

  1. Innovation – is the approach innovative and represent an advance compared to traditional heater design.
  2. Consistent performance – does the design minimize the variability of PM emissions that can occur in the hands of the average operator.
  3. Commercial potential – can the unit be affordably produced, installed and maintained and offer features valued by consumers.

Judges may also assess:

  1. Experience – do team members have relevant experience
  2. Data – is there any initial emission data indicating a proof of concept
  3. Partnerships – does the team have partners that can add to the R&D, emission testing, in-home testing, manufacturing and distribution
  4. Facilities & resources – does the team have access to the facilities and resources to complete the project. 

Slam organizers will post a page of Questions and Answers about the Slam and testing at Brookhaven. If you have a question or suggestions, send it to: and the question and answer will be posted so that all interested parties have the same information. Your name can remain anonymous.

The Wood Stove Slam is a combination of the formats used in science slams and shark tanks.

Definition: noun: /science slam/  a science-based talk where experts present their own scientific work in a given time frame - usually 10 minutes - in front of a mostly non-expert audience. The focus lies on teaching science concepts to a diverse audience in an entertaining way. The presentation is judged by the audience. 

Definition: noun: /Shark Tank/ is an American business television series that shows entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of five investors or "sharks," who decide whether to invest in their company.

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