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PubSci happens on March 11, 2014

PubSci is a science café presented by the Brookhaven National Laboratory Stakeholder Relations Office

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PubSci provides a lively setting for the science-interested public to engage in discussions with scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in an informal and casual way. You don’t need a degree to join the conversation. But you do need to be over 21. (The venue's rules, not ours.) Admission is free.

Have a chat with...

Photo of Berndt Mueller

Berndt Mueller

Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear & Particle Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Photo of Paul Sorensen

Paul Sorensen

Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Photo of Agnes Mocsy

Ágnes Mócsy

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Pratt Institute

Big Bang Physics and the Building Blocks of Matter

Join physicists who work at Brookhaven’s particle collider to talk about how we explore what happened at the dawn of time from a Lab on Long Island.

Image of the early universe

How did the universe take shape?

Image of gluons

What binds matter together?

Photo of questions

How do we answer those questions?

The event will be moderated by Brookhaven National Laboratory science writers Justin Eure and Chelsea Whyte.

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