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Join us!  •   Wednesday, September 17, 2014  •  7:00 PM
Storyville American Table Backyard Bar

Admission is free. Menu and bar items available for purchase. Reservations recommended for early dining.

Your chance to chat with...

photo of Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Biophysical Chemist and Associate Division Director for Spectroscopy & Imaging

photo of Stuart Wilkins

Stuart Wilkins

Physicist and Coherent Soft X-ray Beamline Group Leader

photo of Karen Chen-Wiegart

Karen Chen-Wiegart

Research Associate in Materials Science

The speakers for PubSci: Illumination are scientists working in the Photon Sciences Directorate at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

About PubSci

PubSci lets you chat with expert scientists over a drink. See the casual side of cutting-edge research and discovery happening every day at BNL. This series hops around Long Island covering different topics from the Big Bang to tomorrow’s technologies. Stay tuned for our next event coming to a neighborhood near you.

What does a PubSci event look like?

Oh, just like your average pub—with a few world-class scientists sprinkled in.

  • "Big Bang Physics" PubSci, March 2014

  • "Big Bang Physics" PubSci, March 2014

  • "Nanotechnology" PubSci, May 2014

  • "Big Bang Physics" PubSci, March 2014