General Lab Information

Beam Diagnostics


Detector Response (V/W=V*ps/pJ) Noise Eq. Power (NEP, W/Hz1/2) Wavelength
Liquid He Bolometer 2.73E+5 1.87E-13 > 15 um
Golay Cell ~1500 @ 10 THz w/15 Hz modulation ~1E-10 0.2 THz to 20 THz (1.5 mm to 15 um)
LN2 (blue) cooled HgCdTe >10,000 ~4E-30 2 um to 24 um
Te (red) cooled HgCdTe N/A ~2.5E-10 2 um to 9 um

Shad-o-snap 1024 X-ray Camera

The Shad-o-Snap 1024 x-ray camera is part of the new product line of easy-to-use, "smart" USB cameras developed by Rad-icon Imaging Corp. This microprocessor based camera offers simple timing control combined with new readout modes and easy image transfers as TIFF or raw integer image files. The Shad-o-Snap 1024 features the large-area RadEye™2 CMOS image sensor with a 1024 by 1000 pixel photodiode matrix and 48 µm pixel spacing. The sensor has an integrated direct-contact scintillator and is available for both the standard (10-50 kV) and extended (50-160 kV) energy ranges, covering the spectrum from biomedical to industrial inspection applications.

IR Detector (HgCdTe)

IR Detector (HgCdTe detector: HCT 16-18) has peak sensitivity at 16-18microns, 50% peak sensitivity at 9 microns, 25% at 4.5 microns, 12.5 at 2.25 microns. Also, it has an impedance 10-50ohms. A photo-conductive detector needs bias voltage, depends on detector size. The size of the detector is between 2/1000 to 100/1000 square inches,bias is 1V, 40mA for 1mm square. The detector pre-amp(110) includes bias rise time 100-150 ns. The orange window is KRS5 window, flat 70% transmission from 2 to 25 microns. The measured spectral response of the red detector is shown in this figure.

Golay Cell

Golay Cell is an opto-acoustic detector designed for operation in the spectral range 0.02-20 THz. It is equipped with a 6 mm diameter polyethylene input window that provides for high transparency at frequencies up to 20 THz. Black polyethylene input windows are available as an option to cut off optical radiation. Golay Cell includes a build-in preamplifier. Operation of a Golay Cell requires a three-unit power supply delivering the following: +15 V, -15 V and 32 mA. Such a power supply is also available as an option Performance of Golay Cells is detrimentally affected by mechanical vibrations. Addressing this problem, our Golay Cells are mounted on proprietary vibration-isolating bases.