General Lab Information

Experiment Start-up

All ATF experiments must be reviewed for environment, safety and health (ESH) concerns before set up is begun. The review is based on the Experimental Safety Review (ESR) form. The ATF ESH Coordinator will initiate the process once you have provided the experiment details and names of participants. For routine experiments that present no hazards, the form should be submitted at least four weeks prior to initiating installation. Planning for experiments with hazards (see list below) requires more time and preparations. Please consult the Experimental Work Guide for details.

The safety review of research to be conducted at the ATF is an important effort that requires your full participation if the review is to be conducted in a timely manner. Please allocate sufficient time to ensure that the review is completed prior to your arrival at the facility to conduct this work. While the ESH staff who reviews your submission will work closely with you to apply the requirements appropriately, do not expect them to complete activities that can only be conducted by you.

Scenarios Requiring Additional Training

Keep in mind that some types of activities, equipment and materials if utilized in your work may require additional training and procedures. These include:

  • Use of lasers 
  • Use of radioactive materials 
  • Use of significant quantities of flammable liquids or gases 
  • Use of toxic or biological materials 
  • Generation of hazardous or radioactive wastes 
  • Use of material handling equipment such as hoists or overhead cranes 
  • Use of machine shops 

Also keep in mind that transportation of hazardous and radioactive materials to and from the BNL site must be conducted in compliance with BNL & DOT regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact the ATF ESH Coordinator, Karl Kusche (631-344-3116) if you have questions during the preparation of this form.

Other Requirements to be Aware of

  • All experimental safety reviews (ESRs) expire in one year and users are required to resubmit their experiment information on a new form at that time.Users should reevaluate their activities and assure that the new form accurately reflects their work.This re-review is required to assure ongoing attention to ES&H risks.
  • All Users that will work on an experiment must be listed on the form and must be aware of the risks and controls involved. The experiment Principal Investigator is responsible to assure this.
  • New hazards or significant changes to an experiment must be reported to the ATF ESH Coordinator before the changes are implemented. A significant change is one that introduces new risks, or changes the character of existing hazards and could require a change in the required controls.
  • At the start of set up for an experiment the user must contact the ATF ESH Coordinator who will print the ESR, review any requirements outlined on the form with the User, and confirm that all Users involved in the experiment have been trained and are wearing their TLD dosimeter. The ESR will then be posted in the ATF control room as a reference.
  • At the start of experimental operations, the User will contact the ATF ESH Coordinator who will inspect the set up and assure that all required controls are implemented. If noted on the ESR, the ATF User Coordinator will contact the ERC for inspection before the experiment begins.
  • At the end of an experiment the User must contact the ATF ESH Coordinator who will remove the posted form and assure that all User equipment is either removed or left in a controlled condition.