General Lab Information

Completed / Terminated ATF Experiments

Feasibility Studies

  • Vacuum Acceleration. Spokesperson: Vitaly Yakimenko, BNL. Approved: 2001. Completed 2002
  • ODR / OTR. Spokesperson: Ralph Fiorito, Approved: 2001. Completed 2002.
  • Plasma wake field acceleration. Spokesperson: Vitaly Yakimenko, BNL. Approved October 2002.
  • Magnetized beam transport. Spokesperson: Christoph Montag, BNL. Approved December 2002.
  • Magnetized beam transport, RHIC/BNL
  • Emmitance optimization using active transverse laser shaping, DUKE Univ.
  • Application of thin SiC films to sub-wavelength lithography and compact particle acceleration, Univ. of Texas
  • High Harmonic Generation of VUV Photons for Ultra-high Resolution Angular Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy, NSLS, SUNY
  • LDRD: Optical stochastic cooling of the Gold ion beams in RHIC
  • LDRD: Proof-of-Principle Laser System for ILC Positron Source
  • AF53 – Nonlinear inverse Compton scattering. UCLA
  • AF54 – AXIS -5-um damage test. Radiabeam/UCLA
  • AF57 - THz generation in a corrugated metal structure. Spokesperson: K. Bane (2013)
  • AF58 - ERL BPM Test. Spokesperson: R. Michnoff, BNL (C-AD) (2013)
  • AF90 - Plasma Beam Dump Feasibility Study, PI: A. Sahai, UC-Denver, (2018)