General Lab Information

Electron-plasma Interaction Chamber

Located on beam line #2, the “Plasma chamber” has 80 liters of usable volume. It is mounted on an adjustable platform and optical table, and has close proximity to a quadrupole triplet upstream and 20-degree dipole spectrometer system downstream. Hosted experiments include AE31 Plasma Wakefield Acceleration (PWFA), AE50 Quasi-Nonlinear PWFA, AE39 Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration (DWFA), AE43 PWFA Holography, and AE49 Coherent Terahertz (THz) Radiation.

Primary operational features include:

  • Easily removable lid with multiple flanges for windows & electrical feed through(s), large internal area with breadboard for mounting a variety of interaction targets and beam diagnostics, accommodates 5-axis plasma capillary discharge assembly (large flange).
  • Beam profile monitors at interaction region as well as chamber entrance and exit.
  • Dedicated 500 l/s turbo pump and one auxiliary 200 l/s turbo pump port. Normally operates in the 10-8 Torr range, but allows for rapid one hour turn-around time (achieves 10-6 Torr range) when used with thin film pellicle inserted upstream.
  • Discharge assembly mounted on 10” Conflat flange with multiple feed through(s) for high voltage, gas input and fiber optics.
  • Electron beam input flange can accommodate multi-axis motorized drivers connected to miniaturized electron beam focusing magnets within the chamber.

The setup has the following main features:

  • Insulated Macor capillaries, 1 mm diameter, implanted fiber optics for plasma diagnostic.
  • Remotely triggerable 15 kVDC discharge and gas burst, synchronized to the electron beam.
  • A variety of gases, including hydrogen and helium.
  • Remotely controllable 5-axis mounts, with fiber optic diagnostic feed through(s).

This versatile chamber can be used for more than just plasma wakefield experiments.