General Lab Information

Laser Injection Vacuum Chamber

Located on beam line #1, the “Smith-Purcell box” has 140 liters of usable volume. Due to its size, it is mounted on a fixed platform. Hosted experiments include AE13 Smith- Purcell effect, AE03 Laser Grating Accelerator, AE20 Staged Electron Laser Acceleration (STELLA), and AE02 Inverse Free Electron Laser accelerator (IFEL).

Primary operational features include:

  • Removable lid with single large laser input window (able to accommodate up to 6” diameter CO2 laser beam), multiple flanges for windows & electrical feed through(s). 
  • Large internal volume and mounting surface for laser optics.
  • Dedicated 500 l/s ion pump and one 200 l/s turbo pump auxiliary port.
  • Operates in the 10-8 Torr range.
vacuum chamber

This vacuum chamber is located at the beginning of beam line #1