General Lab Information

Ion Generation Vacuum Vessel

The “Ion Generation vessel”, located in the CO2 laser area, has 100 liters of usable volume. Hosted experiment - AE35 High-brightness picosecond ion beam source. The chamber, designed specifically for this experiment, has dedicated optical windows for delivering and extracting a high-power CO2 laser beam and an optical probe beam, as well as additional optical ports for a He-Ne alignment beam. It also has a view-port for an enhanced CCD camera pointed to a luminescent screen of a Thomson parabola spectrometer for measuring the ion energy. In addition to the spectrometer, and a supersonic gas nozzle CO2 laser reflective optics are mounted on an optical breadboard floor inside the chamber. The gas jet and laser focusing mirror are equipped with in-vacuum manipulators for exact positioning of the laser focus onto the gas jet.

Primary operational features include: 

  • Removable lid, multiple flanges for laser windows & electrical feed through(s) for in-vacuum motorized stages & translators, large internal area with breadboard for mounting a variety of interaction targets and beam diagnostics. 
  • Accommodates gas feed through(s) and in-vacuum gas jet system.
  • Dedicated 300 l/s turbopump system with an auxiliary port for one 200 l/s turbo pump. Operates in the 10-6 Torr range with rapid one hour turn-around time. Vacuum recovery time between the gas jet shots – 30 seconds.
ion generation experimental chamber

The ion generation experimental chamber is housed separately from the electron experimental hall allowing simultaneous experiments.