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ATF Cable Policy

The Accelerator Test Facility is a users' facility where many users and experiments share the resources. One of the most valuable resources is cables used for signals (50 ohm), video signals (75 ohm), control cables and power supply cables. Since the number of cables installed at the ATF is very large, it is absolutely necessary that the following rules be observed.

  1. No users shall disconnect any ATF facility cables without prior agreement with ATF operation coordinator, or ATF operator.
  2. All cables, including power line extension cord, must be labeled, and installed according to standard electrical safety codes at BNL, and registered with an ATF electronics technician.
  3. Any temporary cables must be removed immediately after their use.
  4. All users should inform the ATF user coordinator when the cables are no longer in service.
  5. In ATF experimental areas, the color scheme specified in the table at right is to be used for Ethernet cables.
  6. All newly-installed Ethernet cables must be rated CAT6 or higher. 

Ethernet Cable Color Scheme

Yellow BNL network
Pink A network
Purple B network
Blue GB cameras
Green Temp/humidity sensors
Grey/White Off-network devices
(motors, etc.)