General Lab Information

Collider-Accelerator Department New Hire Process

To request a new hire, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. With concurrence from Division Head or MIRP Director, Hiring Supervisor sends an email request to Wolfram Fischer, to open a new requisition (copy L. DiFilippo).
  2. When Wolfram sends an approval email, fill out the job description template at this link (template.docx / template.pdf), a Job Assessment Form (JAF), and an Additional Medical Surveillance Form, then send the complete documents to L. DiFilippo (

    NOTE:  Please use the Dept. Org. Codes and Payroll Dist. Codes at these links in your template to assist HR in coding your new hires correctly.
    Department Organization Codes
    Payroll Distribution Codes

  3. Lynanne will send to Sal Petrara, (C-AD recruiter) for review.
  4. Sal will forward the job description to Christel Colón (C-AD HRM) for final review prior to posting, and then contact the hiring supervisor to confirm posting and discuss the interview process.