General Lab Information


Staff Training

Classroom Training Schedule

Certain training classes are offered in a physical environment with an in-room instructor.

Collider-Accelerator Access Staff Training

To work at the accelerators, Rad Worker 1 Qualification and Collider-Accelerator Access Training are required. This section includes options for taking Rad Worker I and what to do if your training expires.

C-AD OPM Training Read & Acknowledgement System

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C-AD OPM Training Read & Acknowledge Tracker

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Occupational Safety & Health Training

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Training News & Updates

Particle Post Training News Page: Communicating changes, updates and information from the C-AD Training Group.

Guest/User/Contractor Training

NSRL User Training

To work on experiments at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) or the experimental area in Building 912, Rad Worker 1 Qualification and NSRL Users Training are required. The section contains guidance on completing Rad Worker I and what to do if your training expires.​​​​​​​

Collider User Training

Collider User Training is required for users or experimenters working with accelerators at Collider-Accelerator Department facilities.

Collider User Training Schedule

A calendar view of the next available offerings of Collider User training.

Resources and Study Guides

C-A Access Training Guide

This course is required for unescorted access to Collider-Accelerator Department Primary Areas and for unescorted access to non-Primary areas of the C-AD complex such as assembly buildings, service and support buildings, areas of the LINAC, EBIS, Tandem or NSRL facilities, AGS Bldg. 912, or other areas of the complex, both indoors and out.

Improving Human Performance

Guides to improving reliability by (1) using an understanding of human behavior to manage the interaction of people, equipment, and the work environment; (2) improving defenses by applying concepts and tools to reduce the likelihood of human errors; and (3) learning from events by applying the principles governing human behavior to design effective corrective actions.

BNL Training Resources

Includes study guides, job performance evaluators, forms and templates, Radiological Worker practical skills evaluation forms, classroom resources, and more. 

The Training and Qualifications (T&Q) program at Brookhaven National Laboratory ensures that employees, guests, users, visitors, and contractors are trained and qualified to perform their assigned tasks and job functions. See full details in the Standards Based Managemnt System (SBMS).