General Lab Information

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Figure 8

In situ battery Set-up at XPD beamline of NSLSII

Our group is well equipped with synthesis and characterization instrumentations, such as rotatory evaporators in fume hoods for organic synthesis; IR and 60 Khz liquid NMR for organic compound identification; Ar-filled glove boxes for sample preparation; tube furnace for electrode synthesis; Bio-logic Potentiostat/galvanostat for electrochemical testing; Arbin 4-channel battery cyclers; environmental chamber for battery cycling at different temperatures.

We have developed very good working relationships with beamline scientists at several synchrotron light sources, especially at NSLS and the newly built NSLSII: XPD beamline (TR-XRD study), HXN beamline (TXM study), and TES beamline (XRF and XAS studies) of NSLSII at BNL. Some of these beamlines are already operating and we have successfully collected data at XPD beamline. We also have access to HR-TEM at CFN of BNL. We had beamtime allocated at Beamlines 9BM-B (XAS), 12BM (XAS) and 17 BM (XRD) at APS at ANL (general user’s beamtime and through collaboration), as well as at for BL 2-2 at SSRL at Stanford University, at beamline 8.0 of the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and at Canadian Light Sources through collaborations.