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Pt monolayer Electrocatalysts for O2 reduction: atomic-level synthesis, Electronic properties of Pt monolayers on single crystals and nanoparticles, Pt-support interactions; Structure-activity correlations; Pd alloy electrocatalysts; In situ spectroscopic studies of the O2 reduction intermediates; Kinetic analyses of the O2 reduction reaction.


Pt submonolayer on Ru (PtRu20) Electrocatalysts: H2, CO and reformate H2 oxidation; Pt content is 1/10 of that in commercial catalysts, high CO tolerance; Oxidation of Methanol and Ethanol; Adsorbate-Surface Interactions. Pt submonolayer anode electrocatalyst.


The first Pt monolayer-level electrocatalyst. No change in performance during ca. 900 hours as anode under fuel cell operating conditions

Surface Electrochemistry

To obtain a true microscopic description of electrochemical interfaces, structural and electronic properties of atomic and molecular monolayers on single-crystal and nanoparticle substrates are investigated usingin situ scanning tunneling microscopy, surface x-ray scattering and x-ray absorption spectroscopy.