General Lab Information

Scan Probe Microscopy Group

The Scan Probe Microscopy group is focused on measuring the properties of quantum materials at the nanoscale. The current interests of the group include two-dimensional van der Waals materials and their heterostructures, high temperature superconductors and materials with topologically non-trivial properties. The current techniques used are Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy at cryogenic temperatures in ultra-high vacuum conditions. Future goals for the group include the development of quantum coherent spectroscopy and imaging techniques.

The group collaborates intensively on a daily basis with the Electron Spectroscopy and Oxide MBE groups, and also has ongoing joint projects with all of the other groups in the CMPMS department. The group also collaborates on both experiment and theory with groups at Columbia University and other New York area institutions.

If you are a prospective graduate student or postdoc interested in these research activities, please contact one of the scientists associated with the group.