General Lab Information

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council


The mission of the Electron-Ion Collider Directorate's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council is to promote excellence in research and operations through a diverse workforce and an inclusive and supportive workplace for people of all experiences, talents and identities, e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation, age, cultural background, or job classification.


The Council's role is to advise and support EIC Directorate leadership in developing and implementing DE&I initiatives to improve the Directorate according to our mission. While the primary scope of this Council is the EIC Directorate, opportunities for broader institutional improvements will also be considered. This work is done in collaboration with Brookhaven Lab's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Employee Support Program*

Brookhaven Lab's Employee Support System helps resolve workplace concerns. Sometimes, this support is simply a matter of providing a venue for someone to informally talk in confidence about a workplace concern. Other times, a formal complaint, investigation, and intervention are required for resolution.

Laboratory DE&I Office

Brookhaven Lab's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office facilitates the development of a pipeline of qualified, diverse candidates, ensuring equitable treatment for all employees.

Workforce Development

The Office of Educational Programs prepares the next generation of scientists, engineers, technicians, and teachers utilizing the unique scientific tools and intellectual resources of Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Professional Development

The Learning and Development team is focused on the professional development needs Laboratory employees. The Laboratory sponsors a variety of training programs for employees at all levels to enhance critical skills that contribute to job and career success.

Laboratory Values*

Our Values express the principles and beliefs that define our culture. They guide our behavior and performance and establish a standard against which our actions can be judged—as individuals and collectively as Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Employee Experience*

Brookhaven Lab has embarked on a major effort to improve the employee experience. This effort will help make the Lab a better place to work, and better able to attract and retain talent.

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