General Lab Information

Cloud Processes Group

Meetings and Workshop Leadership

We regularly convene sessions at professional meetings, such as the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society meetings, and also hold workshops that focus on specific issues needed to advance the science.

ASR Marine Low Clouds Workshop (2016)

BNL co-organized a workshop to define current gaps in our understanding of marine low cloud properties and processes and identify strategies on how to address them with a particular emphasis on improving their representation in climate models and contributions that can be made by DOE ASR researchers and ARM measurements. Organizers included Mike Jensen and Jian Wang.

DOE Climate and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) Aerial Needs Workshop (2015)

BNL co-chaired a workshop in Gaithersburg, Maryland for CESD to assess its current and future aerial observation needs. The workshop was convened to develop a strategy and roadmap of capability requirements for the next decade for observing atmospheric and terrestrial components of the climate system vital to accomplishing CESD mission goals.  Co-chairs included Andrew Vogelmann.

ARM Next Generation Data Activities Workshop (2014)

BNL co-organized and held at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that focused on the current data product development activities within the DOE ARM program and discussion of how to optimize the impact of ARM data activities on the scientific discovery. Organizers included Mike Jensen.

The First MAGIC Science Workshop (2014)

Held at BNL to present the status of MAGIC activities and data processing, allow investigators to  present preliminary results, determine what areas require attention to move forward with model intercomparisons or other analyses, establish networking and collaborative possibilities, and discuss future MAGIC activities. Organized by Ernie Lewis.

Identifying and Predicting Weather Impacts on Utility Systems Workshop (2013)

Held at BNL that focused on the current techniques used for determining potential weather impacts on utility systems and identifying untapped data and modeling resources that may be brought to bear on the problem. Organizers included Mike Jensen and Scott Giangrande.

Millimeter Wavelength Radar Short Courses (2011, 2012)

Held at the 35th American Meteorological Society’s Conference on Radar Meteorology and at the 7th European Conference on Radar Metorology and Hydrology. It provided a hands-on workshop on the capabilities millimeter wavelength radar systems including a focus on tools for the analysis and interpretation of radar Doppler spectra and polarization observations. Instructors included Ed Luke.

ASR Entrainment workshop (2011)

Held at BNL to summarize the current state of understanding, observational capabilities, and impacts on modeling of the entrainment process. It was followed by identification of the contributions that ASR researchers could make towards understanding this important cloud process. Organizers included Mike Jensen.