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User Administration Office

NSLS-II welcomes visitors from academia, industry, and other government laboratories and research facilities within the U.S. and abroad. The NSLS-II User Administration Office facilitates User and Guest access to the Facility to perform experiments. We are available to assist and support the NSLS-II user community with the beam time application process, user agreements, logistical arrangements, and more.


Check in at the User Administration Office to receive an NSLS-II access card and TLD. The access card will include encoding for access to the Experimental Floor. Check-in may only be performed during normal business hours.*

Where to Find Us

The User Administration Office is located in NSLS-II Building 743. See it on a map (PDF).

User Administration Staff


Gretchen Cisco

User Admin. Manager
User Programs
(631) 344-4703


Nancye Wright

Proposal Coordinator
Workshop Support
Info & Outreach
(631) 344-5132


Mercy Baez

Proprietary Coordinator
User Accounts
Workshop Support
(631) 344-5769


Gladys McKenzie

Registration Coordinator
Badge Encoding, TLDs
(631) 344-5763

(631) 344-8737

User Administration Office
743 Brookhaven Avenue
Upton, NY 11973

8 a.m.—5:30 p.m. (Mon—Fri)

* If you are a new user arriving at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the first time, or if you need an ID badge, check in at the Guest, User & Visitor Center, Building 400 from 7 a.m—5 p.m. (Mon—Fri).