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User Services, Communication, Education & Outreach

NSLS-II welcomes visitors from academia, industry, and other government laboratories and research facilities within the U.S. and abroad. The NSLS-II User Services office facilitates user and guest access to the facility to perform experiments. We are available to assist and support the NSLS-II user community with the beam time application process, user agreements, logistical arrangements, and more.

The User Services office is located in NSLS-II Building 743 (see map, PDF).


Every time you arrive at Brookhaven National Laboratory, the first stop after the main gate during business hours should be the Guest, User & Visitor center in Bldg. 400. At the GUV center, you can get your user badge, your access card to the NSLS-II experimental floor, your TLD, and other useful information for your stay at the Lab. The Housing Office, Enterprise Rental Car facility, ATM, Micro Food Mart, and Starbucks are located in the same building. After your stop at the GUV center, you can go directly to your beamline.

(631) 344-8737

User Services Office
743 Brookhaven Avenue
Upton, NY 11973

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (M-F)



User Services Staff


Lisa Miller

(631) 344-2091


Cara Laasch

Sr. Public Affairs Rep.
(631) 344-8458


Gretchen Cisco

User Administrator
(631) 344-4703


Nancye Wright

Proposal Coordinator
(631) 344-5132


Mercy Baez

Workshop Support
(631) 344-5769


Gladys McKenzie

Registration, Check-in
(631) 344-5763


Eileen Morello

Seminars, Publications
(631) 344-2145