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A Science Cafe by Brookhaven National Lab

“This is my third PubSci event and they keep getting better. Please keep it up because I would come to these every week.”

— Miguel T.

“I enjoy the topics and it is good to know what is being discovered here on Long Island.”

— Renee R.

“It's a cool thing that you brought this amazing science out of the borders of the Lab to us.”

— Andrew H.

About PubSci

PubSci lets you chat with expert scientists over a drink. See the casual side of cutting-edge research and scientific discovery happening every day at Brookhaven National Lab. This series hops around Long Island covering different topics from the Big Bang to tomorrow's technologies.

What does a PubSci event look like?

Oh, just like your average pub—with a few world-class scientists sprinkled in.

  • "Dark Universe" PubSci, October 2015

  • “Big Bang Physics” PubSci, March 2014

  • "Climate" PubSci, February 2015

  • “Nanotechnology” PubSci, May 2014

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