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  Octohedral Molecule-like Nanostructures

DNA Double Helix Does Double Duty in Assembling Arrays of Nanoparticles

Synthetic pieces of biological molecule form framework and glue for making nanoparticle clusters and arrays.  More...

reprogramming DNA strands

Engineering Phase Changes in Nanoparticle Arrays

Scientists alter attractive and repulsive forces between DNA-linked particles to make dynamic, phase-shifting forms of nanomaterials.  More...


Visualizing How Radiation Bombardment Boosts Superconductivity

Study shows how heavy-ion induced atomic-scale defects in iron-based superconductors "pin" potentially disruptive quantum vortices, enabling high currents to flow unimpeded.      More...

Ray Davis

A goldmine of scientific research

There’s more than gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota. For longer than five decades, the Homestake mine has hosted scientists searching for particles impossible to detect on Earth’s surface—and it all began with the Davis Cavern.  More...

Rush Holt

BSA Distinguished Lecture Thursday, 6/11: 'Advancing Science'

Rush Holt, chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a 16-year U.S. congressman, will give a BSA Distinguished Lecture at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory on Thursday, June 11.  More...

water quality report

2015 Water Quality Report Available Now

Brookhaven Lab's drinking water and the supply and distribution system were in full compliance with all applicable county, state, and federal regulations for drinking water quality, monitoring, operations, and reporting in 2014.  More...

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Sydor Instruments gets $1 million grant
—Democrat & Chronicle

Dynamically reprogramming matter

Creating complex structures using DNA origami and nanoparticles

Researchers Use Synthetic Strands of DNA to Create Nanoparticle Clusters and Arrays
—AZO Nano

Scientists Create Phase-Shifting Forms of Dynamic Nanomaterials
—AZO Nano


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