General Lab Information

Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Superconducting Oxides Group

Research Collaborations and Outreach

Below is the list of PIs of groups that we supported by providing samples, characterization, and/or training.

Collaborations Within BNL

Groups at BNL we synthesized and characterized samples for:

  1. Adzic, Ratko (Chemistry): SrRuO3 films for catalysis
  2. Billinge, Simon; Bozin, Emil; Milinda, Abeykoon (CMPMS XRS): PDF crystallography
  3. Bisogni, Valentina (NSL-II): nanoscale X-ray scattering
  4. Carr, Larry (NSLS-II): THz pump-probe experiments
  5. Dean, Mark (CMPMS XRS): RIXS studies of LSCO films
  6. Fujita, Kazhiro, Pasupathy, Abhay (CMPMS SPM): cuprates films for STM studies
  7. Gozar, Adrian (CMPMS ES, now at Yale): optical-AFM nano-imaging
  8. Hill, John; Tobey, Raanan; Wilkins, Stuart; Garcia Fernandez, Miriam, Cheng, Xiao (CMPMS XRS): X-ray scattering
  9. Pindak, Ron; Zhou, Hua (NSLS-II): COBRA crystallography
  10. Robinson, Ian (CMPMS XRS): high-resolution XRD
  11. Zhu, Yimei; Han, Myung-Geun; (CMPMS EM): high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
  12. Valla, Tonica; Johnson, Peter D. (CMPMS EM): cuprates films for ARPES studies

Other collaborations at BNL

  1. Black, Charles (CFN): HTS nanowires, transport measurements of silicide thin films and devices
  2. Conley, Ray (NSLS--II): shared sputtering equipment
  3. Davis, Seamus (CMPMS SPM): construction of the OASIS system
  4. Gu, Genda (CMPMS NS): angle-resolved transport in underdoped LSCO
  5. Lin, Beth (Biology): TMV preparation and imaging
  6. Misewich, James (BNL): XRD from nanotubes; HTS field-effect transistors
  7. Petrovic, Cedomir (CMPMS NS): electrolyte gating of bulk FeSe1-xSx crystals
  8. Sadowski, Jerzy (CFN): LEEM and ARPES study of borophene and cuprates
  9. Valla, Tonica (CMPMS EM): construction of the OASIS system
  10. Yilmaz, Turgut (NSLS-II): study of VSe2 films by inductance and transport

Experiments we conducted at user facilities at BNL

  1. CFN: Electron-beam and focused ion beam (FIB) lithography
  2. CFN: low-temperature STM and AFM
  3. CFN: low-temperature Hall Effect measurements
  4. NSLS-II: Resonant elastic and inelastic soft X-ray scattering
  6. CFN and NSLS-II: LEEM, PEEM, and LEED imaging

Collaborations Outside BNL

Senior scientists that we hosted for research:

  1. Clayhold, Jeffrey (Miami University, Oxford, OH)
  2. Deville-Cavelin, Catherine (Universite Paris 12, France)
  3. Gasparov, Vitaly (Institute of Solid State Physics, Chernogolovka, Russia)
  4. Kulic, Miodrag (Max-Planck Institute, Dresden, Germany)
  5. Radovic, Zoran (Belgrade University, Serbia)
  6. Turhan, Ibrahim (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey)
  7. Vanevic, Mihajlo (Belgrade University, Serbia)

Postdocs we hosted for research and/or training:

  1. He, Xi (Yale University)
  2. Lu, Li (MIT)
  3. Pereiro, Juan (National Technical University, Singapore)
  4. Perello, David (Univ. Manchester, UK)
  5. Shim, Heejae (IBM Yorktown Heights, NY)
  6. Strle, Jure (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)
  7. Sun, Yujie (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, China)
  8. Zhang, Xiao (Nankai University, China)

Students whom we hosted for research and/or training:

  1. Cooper, Brian (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA)
  2. Dubuis, Guy (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
  3. Hong, Taeyoon (Seoul University, Korea)
  4. Howald, Ludovic (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
  5. Kang, Zhixin (Tsinghua University, China)
  6. Kemper, Jon (Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL)
  7. Litombe, Nicholas (Harvard University)
  8. Lowder, Dale (Rice University).
  9. Ma, Jun (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, China)
  10. Methan, Xavier (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
  11. Riggs, Scott (Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL)
  12. Seo, Jiwon (Cambridge University, UK)
  13. Shi, Xiaoyan (Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL)
  14. Sochnikov, Ilya (Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel)
  15. Stegen, Zac (Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL)
  16. Xu, Xiaotao (University of Texas, Dallas)
  17. Zhang, Jinsong (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
  18. Zhang, Zhixin (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
  19. Zhou, Panpan (Rice University).

Experiments we conducted at user facilities outside BNL

  1. ANL: COBRA crystallography
  2. LANL: magneto-transport in 60 T and 80 T pulsed magnets
  3. NHFML, Tallahassee, FL: magneto-transport using the 31 T dc magnet
  4. HMFL, Toulouse, France: magneto-transport using the 70 T and 90 T pulsed magnets
  5. ORNL: polarized neutron reflectometry

Groups in the US outside BNL that we synthesized and characterized samples for:

  1. Abbamonte, Peter (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): resonant soft X-ray scattering
  2. Armitage, Peter (Johns Hopkins University): THz spectroscopy
  3. Ashoori, Raymond; Lu, Li (MIT): time-domain capacitance spectroscopy
  4. Aziz, Michael (Harvard University): SrRuO3 films for battery electrodes
  5. Balakirev, Fedor; Migliori, Albert (LANL): transport in ultrahigh magnetic fields up to 90 T
  6. Bandurin, Denis (MIT): HTS nanowires
  7. Berggren K. K. (MIT) HTS nanowires for single-photon detection
  8. Birgeneau, Robert; Freelon, Byron (LBL): X-ray Raman scattering
  9. Boebinger, Gregory (NHMFL and FSU-Tallahassee): transport in high magnetic fields
  10. Cerne, John (SUNY Buffalo): Faraday effect in LSCO films
  11. Chu, C. W. Paul (University of Houston): high-pressure transport measurements
  12. Clayhold, Jeffrey (Miami University, Oxford, OH): combinatorial transport measurements of resistivity and Hall effect
  13. Conradson, Steven (LANL): Extended X-Ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) studies
  14. Cybart, Shane (UC-Berkeley): ion-implanted Josephson junctions
  15. Demsar, Jure (University of Konstanz, Germany): ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy
  16. Djordjevic, Sasha (Akron University, OH): infrared transmittance in 33 T magnetic field
  17. Dynes Robert (UC-San Diego): Ion-implanted Josephson junctions
  18. Fisher, Ian (Stanford): nematic susceptibility
  19. Freeland, John (Argonne National Laboratory): polarized soft X-ray scattering
  20. Gedik, Nuh (MIT): ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy
  21. Gozar A., (Yale University) HTS films for AFM-SNOM studies
  22. Hafezi, Mohammad (Univ. Maryland): Mott exciton spectroscopy of LCO
  23. Hoffman, Jenny (Harvard University): HTS nanowires
  24. Jarillo-Herrero, Pablo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): HTS nanowires
  25. Kapitulnik, Aharon (Stanford University): Sagnac interferrometry
  26. Lauter, Valeria (ORNL): neutron reflectometry
  27. Luepke, Gunther (College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA): ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy
  28. Mahmood, Fahad (University of Illinois, Urbana): THz spectroscopy
  29. Muller, David; Kourkoutis, Lena (Cornell University): high-resolution electron microscopy
  30. Natelson, Doug (Rice University): shot-noise measurements
  31. Onellion, Marshall (University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI): ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy
  32. Pennycook, Steven (ORNL): high-resolution electron microscopy of Ba2LaBi3O9
  33. Popovic Dragana (FSU, Tallahassee): low-temperature broadband noise measurements
  34. Schlom Darrell (Cornell University): HTS epitaxy on SrTiO3 grown epitaxially on Si
  35. Sergeev, Alexander (SUNY at Buffalo, NY): HTS bolometers
  36. Shekhter, Arkady (NHMFL): high-field magnetoresistance in LSCO films
  37. Shi, Xiaoyan (the University of Texas at Dallas): remote epitaxy of HTS films
  38. Smadici, Serban (University of Louisville, KY): resonant soft X-ray scattering
  39. Sochnikov, Ilya (University of Connecticut, Storrs CT): SQUID microscopy
  40. Taylor, Antoinette (LANL): ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy
  41. Vitkalov, Sergey; Byrnes, S; Dietrich, S. (City College, CUNY): nonlinear microwave absorption
  42. Zewail, Ahmed (Caltech): ultrafast electron diffraction
  43. Zhou, Hua (Argonne National Laboratory): COBRA crystallography

Groups outside the US that we synthesized and characterized samples for:

  1. Demsar, Jure (University Konstanz, Germany): ultrafast optical pump-probe experiments
  2. Dodge, Steven (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada): optical pump-probe experiments
  3. Gasparov, Vitaly (Institute for Solid State Physics, Chernogolovka, Russia): high-frequency inductance measurements
  4. Geim, Andre; Perello, David (University of Manchester, UK): electronic viscosity
  5. Ghiringhelli G. (University of Milano, Italy) RIXS study of cuprates
  6. Keller, Hugo; Stilp E. (University of Zurich, Switzerland): muon spin resonance spectroscopy
  7. Kim, Jae Hoon (University of Seoul, Korea): Terahertz, infrared and ellipsometric spectroscopy
  8. Kleiner, Reinhardt; Koelle, Deitrich (University Tubingen, Germany): LSCO Josephson junctions
  9. Morenzoni, Elvezio; Suter, A. (PSI Zurich, Switzerland): low-energy mSR spectroscopy
  10. Panagopoulos, Christos; Pereiro, Juan (National Technical University, Singapore): interface superconductivity
  11. Pavuna, Davor (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland): electrolyte field effect
  12. Petrovic, Alex (National Technical University, Singapore): HTS nanowires
  13. Sochnikov, Ilya (University of Connecticut, Storrs): HTS films and heterostructures
  14. Yeshurun, Yoshi; Shaulov, Andrei (Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel): magneto-resistance oscillations in HTS nanorings
  15. Wang, Yayu; Zhang, Jinsong (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China): Nernst effect in LSCO
  16. Yeshurun, Yoseph (Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel): vortex dynamics in LSCO
  17. Yacobi, Yitzak (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel): COBRA crystallography
  18. Zeldov, Eli (Technion, Haifa, Israel): Hall Probe Array measurements of magnetic susceptibility

Groups for whom we performed experiments (processing, measurements, and characterization)

  1. Ahn, Charles; Walker, Fred (Yale University): complex-oxide heterostructures
  2. Altman, Eric (Yale University): magnetic susceptibility measurements
  3. Conradson, Steven (LANL): UO2-cuprate heterostructures
  4. Eckstein, James (University of Illinois, Urbana): electrolyte field effect on FeTe films
  5. Keimer, Bernhard (Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany) study of electronic spectra of cuprate films
  6. Kyle, Shen; Schlom, Darrell (Cornell University): annealing LaNiO3 films
  7. Logvenov, Gennady (Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany) study of electronic spectra of cuprate films
  8. Shwarz, Udo (Yale University): magnetic susceptibility measurements

Theory and interpretation

  1. Bozovic, Natasha (SJSU): numerical simulations
  2. Diamantini, Maria Christina (University of Perugia, Italy): a study of dyons in HTS cuprates
  3. Geballe, Theodore (Stanford University): a study of HTS in Sr2CuO4-δ
  4. Granath, Mats (University of Gothenburg, Sweden): modelling nematicity
  5. Ismail-Beigi, Sohrab (Yale University): DFT studies of borophenes
  6. Kresin, Vladimir (LBL): modeling plasmons in cuprates
  7. Levy, Jeremy (University of Pittsburgh): preformed pairs in cuprates and titatnates
  8. Morawitz, Hans (IMB Almaden) modeling plasmons in cuprates
  9. Radovic, Zoran (Serbian Academy of Science, Belgrade): ionic models of cuprates
  10. Trugenberger, Carlo A. (Swiss Scientific Technologies, Geneva, Switzerland): dyons in HTS cuprates
  11. Vanevic, Mihajlo (Belgrade University, Serbia): a study of interface superconductivity
  12. Vinokur, Valery (Terra Quantum): a study of dyons in HTS cuprates
  13. Wardh, Jonatan (University of Gothenburg, Sweden): modelling nematicity
  14. Wu, Jie (Westlake University, China): nematicity in cuprates and Fe(Te,Se).