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Smart Grid R&D for More Resilient Electricity Delivery

Brookhaven Lab is using high-performance computing (HPC) methods to assess electrical grid planning and performance using the power industry’s existing software tools. The industry has heavily invested in these tools and will continue to rely on them for the foreseeable future, but they do not sufficiently cope with the increasing uncertainties in the grid. Brookhaven will therefore use software development and HPC facilities to enhance these industry tools for the short-term. HPC facilities will also help utilities prepare for major storms, such as Super Storm Sandy, because HPC can apply real-time weather measurements and forecasting information, model the impacts under different weather conditions, and develop solutions for restoring power.

Brookhaven scientists are also developing models of how various grid components might fail under different conditions. By starting from the current weather measurements and grid conditions, the system will progressively evaluate and update grid status as weather conditions evolve in real-time. The updates will include both storm-related failure rates of different grid components and any repairs that are ongoing or planned. With this information, utility operators can take necessary action in real-time to “keep the lights on.” Such a model, with real time HPC support, also provides alternative actions to lessen the impact where grid vulnerabilities exist and to aid recovery activities.