General Lab Information

2023 Brookhaven Council

The Brookhaven Council is an elected body that advises the Laboratory Director on matters affecting the scientific staff. The Council is particularly concerned with maintaining an atmosphere conducive to excellence in scientific research at the Laboratory. The Council is also a group through which members of the scientific staff may bring their concerns to the Director's attention.

NameAffiliationRepresentsBldgPhoneTerm EndEmail
Assamagan, KeteviPhysicsPhysics5104041Feb.
Bazilevsky, AlexanderPhysicsPhysics5103712Feb.
Bolotnikov, AlekseyInstrumentationInstrumentation, ATF, SMD (ATR)s535B8014Feb.
Brown, DavidNSTNuclear Science and Technology8172814Feb.
Cutler, CathyCADC-AD, SMD8013873Feb.
Hulbert, SteveNSLS-IINSLS-II7437570Feb.
Jensen, MichaelE&CSBiology, Chemistry, E&CS, NST, NNS, RCD, PPQM, F&O490D7021Feb.
Liu, Chang-JunBiologyBiology4632966Feb.
Mukherjee, SwagatoPhysicsPhysics5102115Feb.
Nelson, ChristieNSLS-IINSLS-II7434916Feb.
Pogorelsky, IgorATFInstrumentation, ATF, SMD (ATR)/td>820M5801Feb.
Robinson, IanCMPMSDCMPMSD, CFN, SET7343819Feb.
Sadowski, Jurek **CFNCMPMSD, CFN, SET7358077Feb.
Seletskiy, SergeiC-ADC-AD, EC911B2273Feb.
Senanayake, Sanjaya *ChemistryChemistry5554343Feb.
Tsvelik, AlexeiCMPMSDCMPMSD, CFN, SET7345821Feb.
Wang, ErdongECC-AD, EC911C8023Feb.
Wang, GuimeiNSLS-IINSLS-II7444890Feb.
Wenaus, TorrePhysicsPhysics510A4755Feb.
Wu, QiongC-ADC-AD, EC911B5825Feb.
Zhong, ZhongNSLS-IINSLS-II7412117Feb.

* Chair; **Secretary