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2017 Brookhaven Council

The Brookhaven Council is an elected body that advises the Laboratory Director on matters affecting the scientific staff. The Council is particularly concerned with maintaining an atmosphere conducive to excellence in scientific research at the Laboratory. The Council is also a group through which members of the scientific staff may bring their concerns to the Director's attention.

Council Members 2015-2016

The Brookhaven Council is composed of: [front row, L to R] Len Mausner, Larry Carr (Council Secretary), Trevor Sears (Council Chair), and Peter Steinberg, [back row L to R] Steve Hulbert, Lisa Miller, Hua-Gen Yu, Jorg Schwender, Michiko Minty, Yun Luo, and Bo Yu. Missing from photo: Mary Bishai, Hooman Davoudiasl, Larry Kleinman, Tonica Valla, Jian Wang, and Haixin Huang (replaced Len Mausner upon his retirement).

Name Affiliation Represents Bldg Phone Term End
Carr, Larry** NSLS-II NSLS-II 741 2237 2/18
Sears, Trevor* Chemistry Chemistry 555A 4374 2/18
Steinberg, Peter Physics Physics, Instrumentation, CSI 510C 4390 2/18
Valla, Tonica CMPMSD CMPMSD, CFN, SET 734 3530 2/18
Huang, Haixin Collider-Accelerator C-AD, SMD 911B 5446 2/18
Kleinman, Lawrence Environmental and Climate Sci. E&CS, NST, NNS 815E 3796 2/19
Luo, Yun Collider-Accelerator C-AD, SMD 911B 4121 2/19
Schwender, Jorg Biology Biology 463 3797 2/19
Yu, Bo Instrumentation Physics, Instrumentation 535B 5184 2/19
Yu, Hua-Gen Chemistry Chemistry 555 4367 2/19
Bishai, Mary Physics Physics, Instrumentation, CSI 510E 4877 2/20
Davoudiasl, Hooman Physics Physics, Instrumentation, CSI 510A 3856 2/20
Hulbert, Steve NSLS-II NSLS-II 743 7570 2/20
Miller, Lisa NSLS-II NSLS-II 743 2091 2/20
Minty, Michiko Collider-Accelerator C-AD, SMD 911B 3334 2/20
Wang, Jian Environmental and Climate Sci. E&CS, NST, NNS 815E 7920 2/20
* Chair; **Secretary