General Lab Information

Vaccine Availability and Appointments

Find a Vaccination Site allows you to search by zip code as well as for specific vaccines (J&J, Pfizer, Moderna) and has listings for pharmacies and supermarkets.

State and Retail Vaccine Provider Websites

N.Y. State COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline

Help for BNLers

Having trouble navigating the vaccine resources? Can’t find a convenient appointment? Contact Alison Clark (Ext. 7111) for help.

If you’re on site and simply need access to a computer to make an appointment, you can use the workstation available in the Berkner lobby. If you need additional assistance, contact Kelly Boehm (Ext. 2280) to arrange a time to meet there.

Keep Your Vaccination Card Safe

After you receive your first Pfizer or Moderna shot, or your single Johnson & Johnson shot, you will receive a vaccination card with a record of your vaccine information. Keep this card safe as you may need it in the future. Tips for protecting your COVID-19 vaccine card

How the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work

How the Johnson & Johnson vaccine works