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  XPD beamline scientist Sanjit Ghose, postdoctoral researcher Anna Plonka, and Brookhaven Chemist Ana

Scientists Find New Method to Control Electronic Properties of Nanocrystals

Researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Brookhaven National Laboratory have discovered new effects of an important method for modulating semiconductors. The method, which works by creating open spaces or "vacancies" in a material's structure, enables scientists to tune the electronic properties of semiconductor nanocrystals—semiconductor particles that are smaller than 100 nanometers.  More...

2017 Employee Awards Recipients

Brookhaven Lab Recognizes 15 Staff Members at 2017 Employee Awards Ceremony

Fifteen staff members at Brookhaven Lab were honored with the Lab's highest accolades during the annual employee awards ceremony on July 31. Meet the 2017 Science & Technology, Engineering, and Brookhaven Award recipients.  More...

Brookhaven engineer Sushil Sharma

New Devices to Control X-rays are Less Expensive, Faster to Make

Brookhaven researchers have developed a less expensive and more efficient way of controlling x-ray beams used to study the intricate details of batteries, solar cells, proteins and all manner of materials.  More...

microBOONE delivers clearest neutrino interaction images yet

MicroBooNE Produces Clearest Images of Neutrino Interactions Yet

The U.S.-based international MicroBooNE collaboration has produced new clean images of neutrino interactions that make it easier for researchers to spot and study the different types of neutrinos.  More...

Chuck Black

Meet CFN Director Chuck Black

Meet Chuck Black, the director of Brookhaven's Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN). Black leads CFN with the mission of advancing the science of nanomaterials to impact society, and runs the facility under the view that nanoscience is an art form.  More...

Peter Paul

In Memoriam: Peter Paul, Former Brookhaven National Laboratory Deputy Director for Science and Technology and Interim Lab Director

Peter Paul, a physicist and a former interim director of Brookhaven National Laboratory, died on March 11. He was 84.  More...

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