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Computer Accounts

In order to run beamline experiments and access data at NSLS-II, all active users are being issued a computer account, which is also known as a “BNL domain account.” These accounts follow a single sign-on strategy and replace the “controls” accounts that some users have used in the past.

The creation of BNL domain accounts for users began February of 2021 and is expected to be completed by the summer. These changes will be rolled out beamline-by-beamline. For new users, this new computer account will be automatically created when the BNL guest appointment is approved. A user’s account will remain active until their appointment or training expire.

When the account is created, users are notified by BNL’s Information Technology Division (ITD) by email. This email contains instructions for setting up the account.

  1. Change your temporary password: Follow this link to change your password using “” in the box that says "" and the temporary password provided in the email in the box that says "Old Password". Passwords should be kept private. No one at BNL should ever ask you for your password.
  2. Install DUO: DUO is BNL’s two-factor authentication app, which needs to be installed on your Android or iOS smartphone. Go to the DUO installation page and look for “Get Started” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Install VPN: To access BNL’s internal network, you will need to install Brookhaven’s VPN client on your computer. Then start the VPN client and enter in the box and click connect. You will be prompted to enter your username and password then click OK. The DUO app on your smartphone will pop up to approve your login request. Lastly, you will need to accept the logon banner popup in the VPN client.

If you have an active Brookhaven guest appointment and valid training, but did not receive a BNL domain account (or misplaced the email from the Information Technology Division), you can request one from ITD via the “Submit Account Request Form” button.

Unsure about whether you already have a BNL domain account? Contact the Information Technology Division at or call (631) 344-5522.

Helpful links

If you have further questions, please contact the NSLS-II Remote Experiments Task Force.