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User Guide

What to do when you arrive

1Check In

All new NSLS-II users and users with expired appointments must check in at the Brookhaven Guest, User, and Visitor (GUV) Center, Building 400 (see map). At the GUV center, you can pick up your user badge, your access card to the NSLS-II experimental floor, and other useful information for your stay here at the Lab. The Housing Office, Enterprise Rental Car facility, ATM, Micro Food Mart, and Starbucks are located in the same building.

Please note that the GUV Center is open from Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. We encourage all NSLS-II users to arrive during this time. However if you arrive after hours and need access to the experimental floor, please go to the lobby of the Laboratory Office Building (LOB) closest to your beamline and call the Floor Coordinator from the vestibule phone at Ext. 5046 and they will assist you.

directions to user office

2Complete Beamline-specific Training

Before an experiment can begin, beamline-specific user training requirements must be fulfilled. The Lead Beamline Scientist (or designee) will provide users the appropriate beamline-specific training that includes the limitations and authorizations for users during their visit. The Lead Beamline Scientist (or designee) and Floor Coordinators will provide oversight during the experiment to ensure user compliance with NSLS-II requirements.

3Perform Experiment

Having completed all previous steps, work may begin.

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