General Lab Information

Equipment and Computers

Moving Guidance

Staff returning to the site, on a full-time basis, should return any Lab-owned computers, equipment, and furniture that were removed from the Lab site for use during telework. Do not return ergonomic office chairs that were purchased through the Lab’s $300 reimbursement program. Do not bring personal microwaves or refrigerators to the Lab site. For help safely returning computers, chairs, or other larger items, a few business days in advance of your return, submit a service request.

Ergonomics Assessment

If you need an ergonomic assessment, contact the Safety & Health Services Division at Ext. 4056 or the Ergonomics Subject Matter Expert at Ext. 3451.

Booting Up Long-Dormant Computers

If you have not used your desktop computer in a long time and have trouble booting it up, contact the ITD Help Desk (Ext. 5522), which will work with you to get it back online. If your desktop has been idle for a lengthy period of time, you should plan for having to take some additional time to get system updates installed. This may require scheduling a deskside visit at a later time to install updates. Please be patient while we work through this process.

TIP: If you’re in this situation, bring a Lab-issued laptop if you have one when you return so you have a working device while going through these updates. And remember, most desktop computers don’t come equipped with cameras. ITD encourages the use of laptops instead of desktop computers. But if you plan to use your desktop computer for video calls, you’ll need to order a compatible camera. Contact the Help Desk (Ext. 5522 or ) for details.

Also, it is a good idea to maintain a home workstation for if you are continuing a telework agreement and will be in a hybrid work mode.

Tips for Managers

  • Save time by submitting a single work order when several employees are returning on the same day and there are multiple needs.
  • If you have employees who have not used their desktop computers in over 60 days, plan extra time for them to update operating systems and applications, possibly with help from the ITD Help Desk (Ext. 5522 or Also, consider encouraging staff to use their laptops, which are just as powerful as desktops in most cases, and more versatile.
  • Consider attending training related to managing in the remote/hybrid work environment: "How to Manage a Remote and/or Hybrid Workforce | PE249." This course covers training on consistency and structure in a remote team, managing mixed remote and onsite teams, fostering transparency, maintaining regular contact with remote and/or hybrid team members, as well as managing workloads and deliverables. Register through the Brookhaven Lab Training website