General Lab Information


When the CDC-designated Community Level for Suffolk County is "Medium" or "Low", face coverings are not required on the Brookhaven Lab site or within Lab facilities, regardless of an individual's vaccination status. Details

Reconnecting with Colleagues

Once the on-site population grows, groups both large and small may want some time to reconnect or celebrate being together. Being inclusive is essential for employees to reacclimate, and it’s an expectation. Choose opportunities that adhere to workplace safety guidelines and include all team members.

Safety: Injuries and Vehicle Incidents

Over the past several months as more staff returned to the site, we have noticed an increase in the number of vehicle incidents. Here are some important reminders:

  • Prevent distracted driving – never text and drive
  • Watch out for wildlife – Animals behave unpredictably and don’t respond well when startled
  • Use caution around pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles
  • Observe/obey the Lab speed limit!
  • Stop completely at all stop signs

Remember to review procedures and safety requirements when reacclimating yourself to the Lab environment. If you are coming on site to perform a physically demanding job, or are doing a job that takes significant concentration, reestablish your work practices.

  • Slowly increase the volume of work so you don’t experience any issues.
  • Be careful not to overexert yourself
  • Be patient with yourself and others
  • Pause and seek help when you are unclear/uncertain about a work activity or unfamiliar with a work setting.
  • Maintain a healthy respect for what can go wrong, and be comfortable with asking (and listening to) questions.

Use of Government Vehicles/Vehicle Safety

All staff who will be operating a Government vehicle at Brookhaven are required to complete Government Vehicle Training & Vehicle Use Agreement (GE-GOV-VEHICLE-VUA). Contact Fleet Services (Ext. 5341) if you have any questions. Supervisors should conduct a “walk-through” with employees who have not used a government vehicle in a long time.