General Lab Information

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About DEI Quarterly Themes

DEI Quarterly Themes is an initiative designed in partnership by the DEI Office and Human Resources Learning and Development. Its purpose is to help Lab employees further embed and practice Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) values and behaviors at the Lab to ensure we foster a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Each quarter, the Lab will focus on a key DEIA theme or topic. Senior Leaders will launch the theme in their organizations, and subsequent managers and supervisors will cascade the theme down. Launch meetings will include a video and discussion, and curated resources will be made available so that all may choose their own learning path after launch. Resources include thought-provoking videos, discussion prompts, and suggested actions plans.

Fully participating in this program may be used as a Personal Impact DEIA Goal. “Fully participating” includes (1) attending a launch meeting, (2) choosing a minimum of 1 learning resource, and (3) implementing the learn/reflect/discuss/action framework detailed in each Theme to embed learning into your day-to-day behaviors and interactions.