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All Documents listed below are part of the Photon Sciences Directorate and will be updated as needed.

Photon Sciences ESH Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP No. Standard Operating Procedure for:
LS-ES-0002 Procedure for Acid Etching of Silicon and Germanium Crystals
LS-ESH-0004 NSLS Operations Group Chemical Spill and Gas Release Response
LS-ESH-0010 VUV Injection Shutter LOTO
LS-ESH-0013 Controlled Access to the VUV Ring
LS-ESH-0014 Radiation Safety Interlocks at the National Synchrotron Light Source
LS-ESH-0019 Beam Line Configuration Control Checklist Requirements
LS-ESH-0020 Biosafety Requirements at the NSLS
LS-ESH-0021 Biosafety Level 2 work at the NSLS/ A Technical Basis
LS-ESH-0022 Beam Line Configuration Control Checklist Requirements
LS-ESH-0023 X-Ray Injection Shutter LOTO
LS-ESH-0024 Visible Light Hazard at the NSLS VUV and X-ray Rings
PS-ESH-0025 Laser Safety Program Documentation X17C
LS-ESH-0026 Laser Safety Program Documentation: U2A
LS-ESH-0027 Laser Safety Program Documentation/U6 Laser System
LS-ESH-0030 NSLS Procedures for Preparing and Operating Infrared Laboratories IR Detectors Using T=4.2K (Non-Pumped Liquid He)
LS-ESH-0030a1 IR-Labs 4.2K (non-pumped) Detector Operations Checklist
LS-ESH-0030a2 System configuration IR Labs T=4.2K
LS-ESH-0031 NSLS Procedures for Preparing and Operating Infrared Laboratories IR Detectors Using Pumped Liquid He (T<4.2K)
LS-ESH-0031a1 Pumped (T<4.2K) IR-Labs Detector Operations Checklist
LS-ESH-0031a2 System configuration IR Labs (T<4.2K)
LS-ESH-0032 Laser Safety Program Documentation X20C
LS-SDL-0033 Laser Operator for the SDL Training Certification Checklist - Level I & II
PS-ESH-0040 NSLS Darkroom Procedure X19C Room 1-140A
LS-ESH-0048 X7B Gas Cabinet Procedure
LS-ESH-0051 Operation of Nano-material Hood in Room 1-128
LS-ESH-0052 Devalving of compressed gas cylinders
PS-ESH-0053 Operation of Nano-material Glove Box in Room 1-128
LS-ESH-0056 Special Requirements for Working with Hydrofluoric Acid at NSLS After Normal Business Hours
PS-ESH-0057 Laser Safety Program Documentation X21 PLD
PS-ESH-0061 Ventilation and Toxic Gas Alarm Procedure X18A, X18B, X19A
PS-ESH-0064 Ventilation Check Procedure for Protein Crystallography
PS-ESH-0067 NSLS Operations Group Response to X21 Ventilation Alarm
PS-ESH-0072 X26C Laser Safety Program Documentation
LS-ESH-0076 Laser Safety Program Documentation, SUNYSB Diode Laser
LS-ESH-0079 X17B3 Laser Safety Program Documentation
LS-ESH-0080 Hutch Exhaust Flow Test
LS-ESH-0082 X10C Gas Handling System Procedure
PS-ESH-0083 Laser Safety Program Documentation Bldg. 703 E3/E4
PS-ESH-0085 Procedure for Replacing HEPA Filters Used as Exhaust Control for Work Involving Nanomaterials
PS-ESH-0086 Flow Alarm Procedure for X6B, X7B and X9
PS-ESH-0088 Pico Second Pulsed Laser, Bldg. 902, Room L1
PS-ESH-0090 Laser Safety Program Documentation - Raman X18/19 Frenkel Group
PS-ESH-0091 NSLS Explosives Training (de minimis quantities)
PS-ESH-0092 703 E3 Laser Safety Program Documentation