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Outline of Photon Sciences EMS/OHSAS Communications

Photon Sciences (PS) management and the PS EMS/OHSAS Committee have an obligation to communicate EMS and OHSAS information between various levels and functions of the department. Selected communication methods listed below will be used to disseminate this information to the PS Staff (internally) and User community (internally and externally) to meet this responsibility.

It is important to remind users and staff of key policies and critical issues in an on-going manner. An active communication program which reinforces the principles of the EMS/OHSAS programs and provides information regarding audits and ESH topics is an important element of the PS EMS/OHSAS program.

Photon Sciences communicates EMS/OHSAS information in many formats, including job-specific training, Environmental Protection Training (GE-ENV-GET), Reducing Injuries and Accidents in the Workplace (TQ-SAFEAWARE), periodic lessons learned or other informational materials, and e-mail from the ESH Manager. These efforts provide on-going information regarding the program and provide an important supplement to the communication program organized and conducted at the Laboratory level.

The following information illustrates the methods and potential content of the EMS/OHSAS Communications.

Communication Methods:

Internal communication methods to address the PS staff:

  • E-mail messages
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Discussion at meetings - e.g. "All Hands," supervisor, Town, and group meetings
  • PS Highlights
  • EMS and OHSAS website
  • ESH Orientation
  • Training - additional job-specific training for certain individuals that will be affected by this system

Internal/External communication methods to address the user community:

  • E-mail messages
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Weekly User meetings, Town, User executive, and Annual meeting
  • EMS and OHSAS website
  • User information channels on video/monitor system
  • ESH Orientation for Users

Receiving, Documenting and Responding to Relevant Communication From External Stakeholders:

  • EMS and OHSAS contacts are listed in the EMS/OHSAS website and PS telephone directories
  • The ESH Manager will address messages received.

Important Actions During a Typical Year:

  • Communicate the schedule and scope of the internal and registration audits to all staff and users via email.
  • Utilize standing meetings and emails to reinforce EMS/OHSAS concepts prior to the audits.
  • Schedule meetings with groups involved with significant environmental aspects or safety risks to review operational controls and requirements.
  • Update staff as needed regarding lessons learned for any audits or occurrences.
  • Update staff regarding policy changes or other important ESH issues
  • Advise management of EMS/OHSAS status in an on-going manner.

Areas to Consider When Communicating to Staff And Users:

  • What is ISO 14000/18001?
  • Why is BNL seeking independent certification?
  • How is certification achieved?
  • What criteria are used during EMS/OHSAS audits?
  • What will be expected from each staff member and User?
  • What type of training do PS personnel receive?
  • Lessons learned

Approved: A. Ackerman 5/7/13