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All Safety Highlights

12.28.2012 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
(Photon Sciences ESH Highlight #52)
12.28.2012 Response to Chemical Spills
(Photon Sciences ESH Highlight #51)
04.03.2012 Hazards of Elastic Tie-Downs (Bungee Cords)
(Photon Sciences ESH Highlight #50)
01.07.2011 Hand Safety
(Photon Sciences ESH Highlight #49)
03.03.2010 Timely and Clear Communication is Essential for Success
(NSLS ESH Highlight #48)
05.21.2009 Inspections of Step Stools, Ladder Stands, and Portable Ladders
(NSLS ESH Highlight #47)
04.03.2009 Even a Splinter Can Provide Lessons Learned
(NSLS ESH Highlight #46)
01.15.2009 Human Performance Analysis of Liquid Nitrogen Spill
(NSLS ESH Highlight #45)
07.25.2008 Experimental Ergonomics
(NSLS ESH Highlight #44)
11.15.2006 NSLS Interlock and Shielding Requirements: A Lesson-learned from a Recent NSLS Non-conformance
(NSLS ESH Highlight #43)
8.8.2006 Protect Yourself When Handling Cryogens
(NSLS ESH Highlight #42)
8.8.2006 LOTO: Don't Assume a Zero-Energy State
(NSLS ESH Highlight #41)
4.10.2006 What do you know about ISM?
1.30.2006 What is the NSLS ESH Safety Improvement Committee?
(NSLS ESH Highlight #40)
11.10.2005 NSLS OHSAS Refresher Training
9.16.2005 Guidelines on Sharps [updated]
(NSLS ESH Highlight #39)
6.15.2005 Following BNL Bicycling Regulations
(NSLS ESH Highlight #38)
5.26.2005 Workshop On Electrical Safety in the Research Community
3.18.2005 NFPA 70E: Electrical Safety in the Workplace
3.2.2005 NSLS 2004 Safety Stand-Down Summary
(NSLS ESH Highlight #37)
12.14.2004 Stamping Guidelines for Electrical Test Equipment
11.30.2004 Automated External Defibrillators Installed in Buildings 725 and 729
11.8.2004 Beamline Coaxial Cables – Less than or equal to 50V or Greater than 50V - How Do We Know?
(NSLS ESH Highlight #36)
9.10.2004 Electric Shock Incident at X1
7.15.2004 Improper Modification of Power Supply
5.5.2004 How Can We Improve Our Safety Program?
(NSLS ESH Highlight #35)
11.21.2003 Injury to Hand While Operating a Lathe at the NSLS
(NSLS ESH Highlight #34)
7.23.2003 Caution is Needed in All Areas of the NSLS
(NSLS ESH Highlight #33)
1.23.2003 Preserve the Scene of an Accident or Injury
(NSLS ESH Highlight #32)
8.13.2002 What Do I Report?
(NSLS ESH Highlight #31)
7.2.2002 Accidental Electrical Shock at U4A
(NSLS ESH Highlight #30)
4.30.2002 The Importance of Beamline Configuration Control
(NSLS ESH Highlight #29)
3.12.2002 NSLS Recycling Program Guidelines
(NSLS ESH Highlight #28)
3.7.2002 Disposal of Waste Metals from “Activation Areas”
(NSLS ESH Highlight #27)
7.24.2001 NSLS ES&H Policies and Requirements Manual
(NSLS ESH Highlight #26)
5.18.2001 Static Magnetic Fields
(NSLS ESH Highlight #25)
4.26.2001 Lessons-Learned from Recent NSLS Non-Conformance
(NSLS ESH Highlight #24)
12.15.2000 NSLS Injury Rates Decline
(NSLS ESH Highlight #23)
12.11.2000 ESH Review of Experiments at the NSLS, ATF, and SDL
(NSLS ESH Highlight #22)
8.31.2000 Fire Emergency
(NSLS ESH Highlight #21)
7.31.2000 Environmental Awareness Issues
(NSLS ESH Highlight #20)
11.9.1999 Report Your Work Incurred Injuries and Illnesses
(NSLS ESH Highlight #19)
11.9.1999 How to Dispose of Glass
(NSLS ESH Highlight #18)
8.26.1999 Changes in Radiation Protection Procedures
(NSLS ESH Highlight #17)
5.24.1999 Beryllium
(NSLS ESH Highlight #16)
3.31.1999 Overheating Beamline Components Created Smoke
(NSLS ESH Highlight #15)
1.29.1999 Transport of Hazardous & Radioactive Materials
(NSLS ESH Highlight #14)
7.24.1998 Stop Work
(NSLS ESH Highlight #13)
4.29.1998 Eye Protection
(NSLS ESH Highlight #12)
3.27.1998 Price Anderson Amendment Act (PAAA)
(NSLS ESH Highlight #11)
9.23.1997 Proper Containers For Cryogens
(NSLS ESH Highlight #10)
4.16.1997 Working With Lead
(NSLS ESH Highlight #9)
12.5.1996 Building & Site Emergency Response
(NSLS ESH Highlight #8)
11.27.1996 Chipmunks - A Way to Monitor Radiation
(NSLS ESH Highlight #7)
10.24.1996 Medical Emergencies
(NSLS ESH Highlight #6)
5.31.1996 ES&H Reminders
(NSLS ESH Highlight #5)
2.1.1996 Acid Spill at NSLS
(NSLS ESH Highlight #4a)
7.19.1995 Electrical Shock "Near Miss"
(NSLS ESH Highlight #3)
3.15.1995 NSLS ALARA Program & Elevator Alarms
(NSLS ESH Highlight #2)
3.22.1994 Chemical Spill Incident
(NSLS ESH Highlight #1)

All Safety Critiques

11.20.2006 Acetonitrile Spill at the NSLS
7.15.2004 Improper Modification of Power Supply
9.10.2004 Electric Shock Incident at X1
2.19.2003 Critique of Recent Incidents On the NSLS Experimental Floor Occurring in Calendar Year 2002
10.4.2002 Work Planning Violation at U5UA Beamline
7.2.2002 Accidental Electrical Shock at U4A
(See Highlight #30)
3.14.2002 Omission of Lead glass cover from View Port on X-12C
1.30.2002 Arrival of Unapproved Select Agent Biotoxin at the NSLS

All Lessons Learned

9.10.2004 Electric Shock Incident at X1
(Lessons Learned 091004)
7.15.2004 Improper Modification of Power Supply
(Lessons Learned 071504)
5.14.2004 Interpretation of Unexpected Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Doses
(Lessons Learned 2004-CH-BNL-NSLS-0001)
9.9.2003 Slip and Fall Injures Employee
(Lessons Learned 2003-CH-BNL-NSLS-0001) (See Highlight #33)
9.27.2002 Never Wear Another Person's TLD
(Lessons Learned 2002-CH-BNL-RCD-003)
2.25.2002 Keep Emergency Contact Information Current
(Lessons Learned 2002-CH-BNL-NSLS-0001)
11.14.2001 Suspicious Object Causes Response by Emergency Personnel
(Lessons Learned 2001-CH-BNL-NSLS-004)
10.2.2001 Inadequate Inspection of Incoming Gas Cylinder
(Lessons Learned 2001-CH-BNL-NSLS-003)
8.21.2001 Defective Welds on Gas Cylinder Transport Carts
(Lessons Learned 2001-CH-BNL-NSLS-002)
6.27.2001 Successful Implementation of the Family Assessment Tracking System (ATS) at Collider-Accelerator Department and National Synchrotron Light Source
(Lessons Learned 2001-CH-BNL-NSLS-001)