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NSLS ESH Highlight #6

Medical Emergencies

Date: October 24, 1996 (Rev. 8/16/00)
Editor: N. Gmr, T. Dickinson

Medical Emergencies must be dealt with in a smooth and rapid fashion. This assists the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and is vital to the person undergoing the emergency. To assure the best results possible, please follow these instructions.

  1. If you are with a person who experiences a medical emergency, stay with that person or assign someone else to stay with that person.
  2. Telephone BNL security at ext. 2222:
    • say you have a medical emergency and describe the situation to the best of your ability;
    • give the name of your department and the number of your building;
    • give the floor and room number or beamline number where the emergency is located
    • give the nearest entrance to your building.
    If you are located in Bldg. 725 and you have completed your call to BNL security, you must repeat the information to the NSLS Control Room at ext. 2550.
  3. If possible, assign someone to meet the EMTs at the suggested entrance and guide them to your location (in Bldg. 725, the OpCos will assist you).
  4. Wait until the EMTs arrive and give them as much information as you can to help them assess the situation.
  5. The Supervisor of the person who experienced the emergency should be notified as soon as possible.

Note On Blood Spills: If blood has spilled as a result of the medical emergency, do not attempt to clean it up. Contact the custodians (the Building Manager can assist you) who are trained and have the proper equipment to clean up blood.

A map showing the 11 entrances into Building 725 is included with this Highlight. All these entrances will have maps of the 1st and 2nd floors and offices to assist the EMTs.