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NSLS ESH Highlight #8

Building and Site Emergency Response

Date: December 5, 1996 (Rev. 1/16/02)
Editor: N. Gmür

I. Fire Alarm Bells - ASSEMBLE OUTSIDE!

Stop work. Set your equipment in a safe configuration. Immediately leave the building via the nearest and safest exit. Once outside, assemble near the main entrance of your building where you will help determine who might still be in the building. Do not block Fire/Rescue from entering your building. Do not re-enter the building until given permission.

Note:The fire protection system is tested periodically resulting in brief (1 or 2 second) sounding of the bells. These tests are always announced on the building public address system and are not a signal to evacuate.

II. Site Siren Alarms

Continuous (single tone) Siren for 5 Minutes - ASSEMBLE INSIDE!

(for occupants of 535C, 725, 726, 727, 728, 729 & trailers): Unless you are outside the building, you may not hear the siren. A building announcement will be made (PA, phone or sweep by personnel). Stop work. Take your coat and keys and proceed to the front lobby or Seminar Room of Building 725 where you will wait inside. Wait for further instructions about evacuation schedules and routes, car pools, day care pick-up and on-site residents/visitors.

The Shelter-In-Place location is the floor around the VUV Ring.

(for occupants of 129): Meet in Room 3 and await further instructions.

(for occupants of 535A): Meet in the front (west) lobby and await further instructions.

(for occupants of 820): Meet in the front (west) lobby and await further instructions.

Intermittent (warbling) Siren for 5 Minutes - EVACUATE!

Stop work. Evacuate the site immediately. Again, this order will be made via announcements throughout the buildings.

Note: Sirens are tested each Monday at noon.More details can be found in BNL SBMS Emergency Preparedness Subject Area and NSLS ES&H PRM 9.0.0 Local Emergency Plan.