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NSLS ESH Highlight #22

ESH Review of Experiments at the NSLS, ATF, and SDL

Date: December 11, 2000
Editor: A. Ackerman, N. Gmür

Experimental Review Goals

All experiments conducted within the NSLS Complex (NSLS, ATF, SDL) must be reviewed for Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) concerns. The goal of these experimental reviews is to minimize risks through involvement with the ESH Staff. Any engineering or administrative controls established by the review to protect personnel, equipment and the environment from harm must be adhered to.

Recent Incident

Recently, an event involving work with laser systems at the ATF illustrated a need to assure that our Users remain aware of this review requirement. A change in a user’s equipment on an ATF beam line introduced new risks that were not captured in the review process and not adequately controlled.Fortunately, the ATF staff was alert to the activities in the experimental hall and was quick to take action.There was no injury or environmental impact, but it was clear that planning and review for this experiment was inadequate.

The Review Process

Policy for ESH review of experiments is on the web as NSLS PRM 1.3.5a: Experiment Safety Review. We meet the requirements of that policy through use of our Safety Approval Form. Experimenters are expected to report the materials and equipment necessary for their work, provide a completedescription of the tasks involved, and identify any risks presented.For routine, low risk experiments, we ask that the forms be completed one week in advance of the experiment to allow time for our review.For work that presents significant risk (hazardous gasses or chemicals, biohazards, radiological materials, human or animal materials, or work at high pressure or with lasers) we expectlead-times of a month or longer to allow for discussion, review, and agreement on appropriate controls.We expect experiments to change and realize that changes cannot always be anticipated. You must tell us when that happens and we will work with you to keep things moving while still assuring attention to any ESH concerns.

Assistance - For Your and For Us

New Users are coming all the time.Please help us assure that they know what is expected for review of their experiments. Andrew Ackerman (x5431) is the primary contact for this program, but any member of the NSLS ES&H Staff can help with questions.Help us by providing timely and complete information about your experiment.In almost 20 years of operation, we have never had a serious injury resulting from our experimental program, our Users have always been forthcoming with details about their work, and we have found a way to accommodate almost every proposal received.Please help us maintain that record for the next 20 years.