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NSLS ESH Highlight #26

“PRM” : NSLS ES&H Policies and Requirements Manual

Date: July 24, 2001
Editor: N. Gmür


One of the common questions that arises when working at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is, “What kind of information is available to guide me through a procedure or when dealing with a specific hazard?” BNL has made great strides is this direction by creating the Standards Based Management System (SBMS). This is a web-based document management tool. It contains all the topic-specific Subject Areas and ES&H Standards such as how to rate Static Magnetic Fields, how to plan and control an Experiment, and how to write a Work Permit. All the necessary forms, links to other documents and links to Subject Matter Experts are provided within these documents. The SBMS allows keyword searches so that you can find the most appropriate document.

NSLS Policies and Requirements Manual

The contents of the SBMS provide generic, lab-level information. What happens if there is additional information needed for operating at the level of the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS)? In this case we have created the web-based NSLS ES&H Policies and Requirements Manual (PRM). Supervisors who have been at the NSLS for a while will remember the SEAPPM manual. The PRM is the “new age” version. The PRM is available to everyone.There are no controlled hardcopies.The official copy of each PRM file and form is on the web.The PRM link above will take you to a Table of Contents.You can either click on any of the Section numbers or scroll down to click on the separate documents.

A PRM document exists only if there is NSLS information that must be transmitted to personnel in addition to that information already supplied by SBMS or in the case that SBMS does not have an equivalent document. We have gone to great efforts to keep each PRM document as succinct as possible, linking to the SBMS equivalent wherever possible. Please go to the PRM site and examine its contents for yourselves.If you have questions, contact me at


The PRM is always changing and improving.Only make photocopies of a document or form for very short-term use.Always go back to the original to obtain the latest copy or information.As changes are made, I will periodically inform you via e-mail.The PRM will be referred to in the “Agreement between the NSLS and the PRT for the Construction and Operation of Beamlines at the NSLS.”