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NSLS ESH Highlight #36

Beamline Coaxial Cables Less than or equal to 50V or Greater than 50V - How Do We Know?

Date: November 8, 2004
Editor: J. Alloi

It is NSLS policy (after 09/11/02) to use red coaxial cables and SHV connectors on any new systems with potentials greater than 50 volts. Frequently, you will find grandfathered black coaxial cables and BNC connectors with greater than 50 volts on them; we are identifying these systems by using red electrical tape near the end of the cable next to the bayonet type connector (see pictures below).

You may also encounter DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE labels on equipment that has the potential of greater than 600 volts (see pictures below).

An International label is also in use for equipment with potentially lethal voltages (see pictures below).


We have made every effort to capture all of the equipment on the beam lines, but there may be some that we have missed. If you find an unmarked black coaxial cable with a BNC connector that you are not familiar with, do not assume that it is less than or equal to 50 volts, it could be more. Contact the appropriate responsible person for assistance if you need to work on that piece of equipment. An electrical measurement and Lockout/Tagout may be necessary. Contact John Aloi (x7018) or Al Boerner (x5990) for assistance.