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NSLS ESH Highlight #37

NSLS 2004 Safety Stand-Down Summary

Date: February 24, 2005
Editor: L. Mgrdichian, R. Casey

The NSLS, as well as all other BNL organizations, participated in a "Safety Stand-Down" during December 2004 to discuss the importance of safety in our daily activities. The meetings began on December 1 and extended through Friday, December 17. A recurring message in the meetings was to build a culture where everyone:

  • plans and executes their work properly and safely
  • doesn't take short cuts
  • calls attention to things that are wrong or not as planned
  • watches out for one another.

The initiative reflects the renewed emphasis the Department of Energy, BNL, and NSLS management have placed on safety within our facilities.

During this period, the NSLS held meetings for the following groups (click each link to see the PowerPoint presentation given during that meeting):

Wednesday, December 1
  • The entire Lab was invited to hear a safety talk by motivational speaker Charlie Morecraft. For more information on Charlie, go to BNL's web training site, (click on "Web Courses" and scroll down to "Charlie's Story - Safety Training Video Series")
Thursday, December 2
Friday, December 3
Friday, December 17

Based on this document, the NSLS has developed a website that shows how each comment has been tracked and followed up on. The site displays the initial suggestion and the resulting actions taken, indicates whether the comment is closed or open, and provides a point of contact for each item. See the site here.

Additionally, an NSLS Safety Improvement Plan for FY 2005 is now posted here. Safety improvement plans for future fiscal years will be created and posted on this same site.