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NSLS Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Areas

Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Areas (SAA) are listed below, these areas were setup in laboratories where waste is generated on a regular basis. ONLY store waste in an area that is listed below. The NSLS Hazardous Waste Manager is Tom McDonald (x4483,; he is required to maintain control over the number and location of these areas. Contact Tom if you need to store waste in an area that is not listed below.

ID Type of Area SAA Location Contact First name Contact Last Name Building Number
190D/Univer725 Haz-Stor BuildingTomMcDonald725
2SAA1-116 Outside of NSLS StockroomTomMcDonald725
4SAAVacuum Shop #1 C20WalterDeBoer535C
6SAA2-190D Fume HoodTonyLenhard725
8SAA1-160 Bench TopSteveBennett725
9SAA1-180 Flammable Cabinet #19RyanTappero725
10SAA1-140A DarkroomBalajiRaghothamachar725
16SAA1-146 Under HoodLinYang725
21SAAU4B CubicleDarioArena725
22SAA1-167 Bench Top By Fume HoodJonHanson725
24SAA1-117 Bench TopDennisCarlson725
31SAANorth Entrance Flammable Cabinet #32BobScheuerer726
32SAA2-190D Flammable CabinetTonyLenhard725
33SAA1-159 Bench TopKumiPandya725
34SAA1-128 Bench TopSyedKhalid725
35SAA535C CleanroomAbdulRumaiz535C
36SAA1-166 Bench TopVivianStojanoff725
37SAA1-110 Bench TopDennisCarlson725
38SAAX20 Beamline Flammable Cabinet #13JeanJordan Sweet725
39SAA1-162 Bench TopMeganBourassa725
40SAA/UniverMER 4AlBoerner725
41SAA/Univer2-124DPeter Davila725
42SAAWest Roll up doorTomMcDonald725
45SAA1-180 hoodRyanTappero725
46SAA1-163 mass spec. benchRhijutaD'Mello725
50SAA1-164MarcAllaire 725
51SAA703E Carboy under hoodRay Conley703
52SAA703E Corrosive CabinetRay Conley703